The following policies are common to all Core courses and cocurriculars. Students with questions about the application of any particular policy should speak with their instructor or the coordinator of their team-taught course, or may email

COVID safety expectations for Spring 2022: All Core students, faculty and staff are required to practice safe protocols during this academic year. Our expectations are that community members will:

  • wear a mask at all times
  • maintain social distance of 6 feet from other people
  • wash hands frequently (at least once an hour)
  • not eat in classrooms or in the Core office
  • follow all safety guidelines for building and classroom entrances and egress
  • will maintain safe behavior in our personal lives as a show of respect for the health of colleagues, classmates and community members

Further questions?

For a comprehensive overview of BU’s academic policies, covering everything from registration and full-time enrollment to academic conduct, intra-University transfer, and more, visit the policies section of the BU Academics webpage. For non-academic policies, such as those related to student life and campus regulations, browse the Dean of Students’ Lifebook.

Student questions can be directed to the general Core email account, at