Academic Overview

The Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum consists both of a set of interdisciplinary courses open to students in any BU college, and of a larger learning community of Core programs and people outside of the classroom.

Important academic aspects of Core include the integration of topics across courses; the close alignment of Core courses with Hub requirements; and the academic diversity of our students and faculty, who represent nearly every major at BU. Students may take Core classes to earn Hub units, to earn credit for their major, or as electives; and students have the flexibility of taking just a few classes in Core, or the entire Core sequence.

Through our courses and related co-curricular activities, Core students and faculty are engaged in an ongoing conversation about the classic texts and fundamental ideas that have shaped our world. Our shared undertaking is to translate the tradition of great works into important discussions and conversations that meet the challenge of our present moment.

Although Core ‘s foundational courses are typically taken during the freshman and sophomore year, Core classes can be taken at any time while at students is at BU.

Advanced opportunities in Core include two Minor options and a Core Honors program. Students who elect to complete the entire Core program receive a commendatory annotation on their official Boston University transcript.

Academic Resources

In this section of our website, current students in Core are able to access:

Academic Policies

As the document of authority for all students, the Undergraduate Course Bulletin is your guide to the departments, programs, policies, and courses at BU. Requirements listed in the Bulletin take precedence over information found elsewhere online and in print.

Students with questions about planning their majors, course schedules or degree pathway may contact the Core academic advisor, Chris McMullen. CAS students may consult the Undergraduate Programs page on the CAS website for additional and up-to-date information about their College requirements. Please confirm all information concerning degree requirements and course equivalencies with the appropriate department.

Students petitioning to receive transfer credit for coursework completed at other schools equivalency should be advised that credit for transfer courses whose reading lists closely resemble those in Core classes. For more guidance on transfer credit approval, contact at the office of the University Registrar.