Throughout the academic year, Core staff and faculty are available to answer student questions about credits, course planning, Hub completion and academic opportunities and options. The following links and points of contact are provided to help students find their pathway through Core and BU.

Resources for Students

Chris McMullen is the primary resource for students with advising questions. He is available by email or Zoom for consultations; to schedule an appointment or to submit a question, contact him via email:

If you are unsure whether your question is academic-related, or if you’d like to request a meeting with a Core faculty member, email the Core main desk:

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Departmental advisors and DUS personnel should note that it can be the case that credit equivalencies between major requirements and Core courses may not always be automatically reflected on Degree Advice. For clarification about the current status of a reported equivalency, or other questions about Core credits and course planning, faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out directly to Chris McMullen in the CAS Advising Office:

All general questions about Core can be directed to our front desk: