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“The Writing Fellow was great and really insightful. She helped me get to the core of what I was arguing. And she didn’t write for me; she had me figure out what I was trying to say.”
—Student survey response  

Last day for Writing Assistance appointments during the 2017 Fall semester is Friday, December 15th.

The ERC offers two types of writing assistance:

Traditional Appointments (45 minutes):
During a traditional appointment you will work through your composition with a Writing Fellow, who will listen and suggest ways to resolve your concerns about clarity and argument, helping you to organize and articulate your own ideas more effectively. These appointments are designed for students who are working on any stage of a written assignment: brainstorming, drafting, or revising.

  • Traditional appointments are available Monday – Friday and Sunday.
  • Note that cover letters and resumes should be reviewed by Center for Career Development staff.
  • Note that we will not proofread your paper or correct your grammar for you.


DROP-IN Appointments (maximum 20 minutes):
During a Drop-In appointment, a Writing Fellow will help you address a specific concern: for example, “introduction,” “subject-verb agreement,” or “topic sentences.” Come prepared to focus on a particular issue, since it will not be possible to review your entire paper holistically.

FALL 2017

  • Last day for drop-in appointments is Friday, December 15.
  • Drop-in appointment schedule:
    • Mondays through Fridays     12pm-1pm
      • 5th floor of Yawkey Center for Student Services, Room 502.
    • Wednesdays     5pm-7pm
      • 1st floor of Yawkey Center for Student Services, Room 101.
  • Call the ERC at 353-7077 to learn of same day available appointments.

Before you sign up, read the policies for the Writing Assistance Program.

Got questions? Read our writing assistance frequently asked questions.

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