Joshua Pederson

Associate Professor of Humanities


BA English, University of Michigan
PhD Religion and Literature, Boston University

Teaching interests: Trauma theory, modernist and contemporary literature, religion and literature, the Bible, and ethics

Research interests: Trauma theory, twentieth-century American literature, religion and literature, and the Bible

Book: The Forsaken Son: Child Murder and Atonement in Modern American Fiction (Northwestern University Press, May 2016).

Work in Progress: Sin Sick: Moral Injury in Literature. 

Selected publications:

“The Writer as Dervish: Sufism and Poetry in Orhan Pamuk.” Religion and Literature. Fall 2014.

“Speak, Trauma: Toward a Revised Understanding of Literary Trauma and Theory.” Narrative. Fall 2014.

“Signifying Moses to Death: Hurston and Reed, Disowning Exodus.” Twentieth-Century Literature. Fall 2012.

“Gnostic Mantra: Reading Religious Syncretism in Ginsberg’s ‘Plutonian Ode’.” Religion and Literature. Spring-Summer 2010.

“The Gospel of Thomas (Pynchon): Abandoning Eschatology in Gravity’s Rainbow.” Religion and the Arts. Spring 2010.

“’More Life’ and More: Harold Bloom, the J Writer, and the Archaic Judaism of Angels in America.” Contemporary Literature. Fall 2009.

“Building the Aural Stage: Beckett’s Embers and Visual Radio.” In Making the Stage: Essays on the Changing Concept of Theatre, Drama, and Performance. Ann C. Hall, editor. (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009).

Other professional activity and/or awards:

The James Phelan Award for the Best Essay in Narrative, 2014.

Humanities Foundation Fellowship, Boston University, 2008.