CGS Study Abroad Programs

While many students choose to study abroad during their junior or senior years (which we recommend!), CGS has several programs that bring this exciting and enriching experience to students earlier in their academic careers. The CGS study abroad programs are open to students who have completed their first year, and are offered in the summer and fall terms. Please note that these opportunities are separate from the January Boston-London program, in which students study abroad during their freshman year.

Lastly, many CGS faculty are actively conducting and contributing research in their respective field. It is not uncommon for faculty to travel internationally to conduct field research, presenting the opportunity for students to join and partake in this exclusive process.

Summer Study Abroad in London

Great Britain—and particularly London—has played a key role in the lives of scientists, from Newton to Darwin, who developed many of the major concepts that allow us to understand our natural world. The Prime Meridian, the electron, the nuclear model of the atom, gravity, evolution, and modern physical geology represent just a few of the significant contributions made by English scientists to our understanding of the natural world.

Boston University International Programs offers two summer programs for CGS students who have completed their freshman year: the London Natural Sciences Program and the London Humanities Program. These programs support the liberal philosophy of the CGS program, allow students increased flexibility in their schedules, and utilize the considerable resources in and around London. Enrolling in these London summer programs gives students the option to take additional elective courses in the spring of the freshman year and the fall of the sophomore year.

The Summer London CGS Natural Sciences Program is designed to use the museums and historic sites in and around London to complement the classroom. The two natural science courses will enhance student understanding of science by providing a hands-on historical approach to the acquisition of knowledge in the sciences. Studying the history and practice of a scientific discipline on location and in context will enhance both learning and appreciation of the scientific theories.

The two courses in this program will replace the fall natural science requirement (NS 201) and the spring natural science requirement (NS 202).

Summer CGS London Natural Sciences Program

The London Humanities Program uses the museums, parks, theaters, and famous homes of London and surrounding areas to extend and enrich classroom instruction in literature, art, and philosophy. Together the program’s two courses will develop students’ understanding of major movements in the arts and philosophy while honing their appreciation of both. The courses will also enhance students’ understanding of how the humanities reflect and affect the social, political, and scientific contexts in which they are produced and shape how we think of ourselves as humans.

These two courses, in the September Program,  will replace the humanities courses required in the second semester of the freshman year (HU 102) and the fall semester of the sophomore year (HU 201).

Summer CGS London Humanities Program

*Please note that these opportunities are different from the January Boston-London Program

The Fall CGS London Program provides a unique opportunity for first-semester sophomores to study in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Over the course of the 15-week program, students will take the CGS required courses (History of Western Ethics; Evolution and Biodiversity; Revolutions in China and Russia) along with one four-credit elective and a three-credit British culture course. Excursions to museums, theaters, and historical sites in surrounding towns and cities complement the program.

Fall CGS London Program

Typically, we have CGS faculty who lead international trips once or twice a year (during spring break or in May) as part of their research. In recent years, students have traveled to China, Tibet, Egypt, and Peru. These are short excursions, usually about two weeks, that can be taken for academic credit or for personal enrichment. Students should talk to their CGS Academic Advisor for further information.