Supporting Undergraduate Research

A gift from Mike Gould, the first $1 million donation in the history of CGS, endowed the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning’s fund for undergraduate research projects—and we’re just getting started. His gift has already helped engage a record number of students in faculty studies and more than doubled the number of research opportunities for undergraduates. Additionally, our faculty have become thought leaders, sharing their knowledge about the impact of the undergraduate research experience as a model for other programs.

Kerry Sadlier (CGS’17, COM’19) and Joellen Masters researched first wives and marriage in Victorian novels.
Corliss Kanazawa (CGS’16, SAR’18) worked with Sandy Buerger to study how antibiotics alter water ecology.








In the past, CGS students have:

Chelsea Bray (CGS ’11, CAS ’13) researched an unlikely inspiration for Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol – the stories of the “mill girls” in Lowell, Mass.
CGS Lecturer Sandra Buerger and CGS undergraduate researcher Alexander Smith (CGS’17, CAS’19) research probiotic supplements.








More stories from CGS’s undergraduate research projects are available here.

CGS is always looking for continued support for our Undergraduate Research program. Donate here or reach out to CITL for more information.