Every year Boston-London Program students share their gap semester experiences with us through the hashtag #My100Days. With school and classes set aside for the semester, students have more time to visit family members and spend quality time with the people they love– whether it’s at home or across the globe. Here are some of the ways students spend more time with the people they care about.

Two young people wearing scuba diving gear
Rilie Curd took a diving course in Roatan and says, “One of the great things about taking this course was that I got to take it with my sister,” who’d just graduated college and had some downtime. They were able to live together and cook their own meals.


Natalie Seara with her arms around her parents
Natalie Seara said spending more time with her parents– and her dance family– was one of the highlights of her gap semester. She also took some time to visit her friends in college across the country. Read Natalie’s interview about her gap semester.


Anne Marie Miscioscia said it may not sound as entertaining as climbing mountains or cage diving with great white sharks, but the best part of her gap semester was “being able to spend time with my grandmother.” Anne Marie wrote, “I have known this woman for 18 years, but I was grateful to have #My100Days to hear about her life. She has become my role model as she is the strongest person I have ever met. I often hear of people regretting not spending enough time with their loved ones while they can, and I believe it’s so important to do so.   We live in a society that is filled with extremely busy lives that consists of us staring into phone and computer screens. We often take for granted the important values of life. This experience has been so eye opening and incredible in so many ways. I am so thankful for #My100Days.”


Elise visited her family and the beach while spending some time in Hawaii.


Kyle Costello’s grandfather fought in World War II. Kyle traveled to Normandy with his dad and uncles to see the sights his grandfather talked about in his war stories.


Jill O’Leary decided to visit her family in home country of Ireland during her gap semester. Jill was born in Cork and most of her family still lives there: “I moved to the states when I was young, but to me there is no place like Ireland because it is my home!” Jill visited a cousin who goes to a school in Limerick, and she and her cousins decided to make a trip to the Cliffs of Moher nearby.


Crystal Zima wrote, “I’m spending #My100Days with my swimming students, trying to get some last memories in before I have to let them go. I’m going to miss all of their smiles and splashes.”