“An Intercultural Book World: The Production and Distribution of Sino-European Books in China (1582-c.1823)”

  • Starts: 4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 11, 2023
A unique characteristic of the cultural contacts between China and Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is the intercultural circuit of books that was established: European books travelling to China, and in return Chinese books travelling to Europe. This talk focuses on the Chinese pole of this cross-continental textual exchange, where the printing of translated Sino-European books was facilitated by the presence of a well-established print culture. By analyzing a unique collection of these Sino-European books, this presentation investigates their production and distribution from the late Ming until the mid-Qing period (1582-c.1823). As such, it provides insights into the emergence of an intercultural ‘book world’.
Riverside Room, Pardee School of Global Studies, BU, 121 Bay State Road, Boston

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