At BU, breakthrough ideas are born every day. We should tell those stories in ways that inspire awe and curiosity.

The examples below will show you how.

“A New Class of Thinking” is an example of a marketing campaign concept: an overarching idea that becomes the common thread between individual media executions. The headlines and copy below are examples of those executions. They illustrate how headlines and copy can ladder up to a larger idea while conveying our message in an interesting way.

Body Copy Example

new class of thinking

We don’t believe in lanes. Just destinations. Because tackling the world’s biggest questions requires the brightest minds across departments, schools, and fields of expertise. Who says a lawyer can’t lead a team to a medical breakthrough? Why can’t climate change be tackled by a neuroscientist? We say they can. And at BU, they will. It’s a new way of looking at the world. And an entirely different class of thinking.

Headline Examples

LEGAL EXPERTS / are combating drug-resistant bacteria.

CARB-X is bringing together leaders in medicine, philanthropy, academia, industry, and law to rejuvenate the antimicrobial pipeline—and stop epidemics before they start. It’s a new class of thinking. And it’s happening here, at BU.

PHILOSOPHERS / are shaping the future of cybersecurity.

At the Cyber Alliance, legal experts, computer scientists, and philosophy scholars are coming together to influence future policy by answering the ethical and societal questions that arise from evolving technology. It’s a new class of thinking. And it’s happening here, at BU.