With boundless collaboration at the core of the BU Brand, you’ll likely feature this collaboration on a magazine cover or website, or give it a quick mention in body copy. Here are a few examples to inspire and help you bring this to life—whether in print, web, or copy.

In Print

MED magazine cover

Taking the Story outside Campus Boundaries

Alumni magazines are an excellent opportunity for individual schools to feature their collaborative efforts. In this case, a medical professor uses art museum trips and discussion to broaden his students’ ways of thinking.

On the Web

The Unexpected Is Engaging—Embrace It

The research done at BU crosses disciplines, defies convention, and transcends borders. We’re not just making an impact, we’re transforming the world. For the better.

In body copy

Admissions website

Sample: "Today, few areas of study and research fit neatly into one box; they require cooperation between disciplines. At Boston University, we encourage and facilitate students and faculty reaching across departments, schools, and even outside the University to broaden and deepen knowledge. It’s a new class of thinking for a new kind of world: interconnected, collaborative, and dynamic."

Weaving the Brand into Your Materials

This succinct Admissions copy explains BU’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration. Similar copy can easily be woven into many communications throughout the University without overshadowing a different primary message.