Not all communications will speak to all audiences.

Knowing our audiences will sharpen your message and focus your objective in communicating with them.

Potential Audiences

Influencers: Thought leaders in business, technology, and other fields related to BU who have access to a large audience and the ability to persuade through established credibility and authenticity.

Higher Ed Influencers: Same as above, specifically in the higher education space. Includes leaders of peer institutions, competitors, and nonpeers of BU.

Opinion Leaders: Specialists who have established their expertise in fields of interest that overlap with BU’s.

Faculty: Full- and part-time professors, prospective faculty, and teaching assistants.

Students: Undergraduate and graduate, both current and prospective.

Alumni & Friends: Those who have matriculated at BU or who are otherwise affiliated with the University.

Parents & Families: Families of current and prospective students.

BU Area Community: Residents and businesses of the Greater Boston area, specifically those areas around BU campuses.

Staff: Administrative personnel and other resources such as security, maintenance, custodial, and more.

Corporate Partners: Public and private companies that support various University missions.

Funding Partners & Agencies: Government agencies that provide funding and cooperation for research, studies, and other projects.