Three Boston University researchers have been named 2024 Sloan Research Fellows, a competitive award given annually to early-career researchers across a range of scientific disciplines. Among one of the three recipients is neurobiologist Dr. Meg Younger, in the Biology Department.

Since 1955, 59 faculty from BU have received a Sloan Research Fellowship, including this year’s winners. Fellows each receive $75,000 to be spent over two years on any expense to support their research. The foundation says fellows are chosen, in part, for their “potential to revolutionize their fields of study”; winners are selected by committees of distinguished scientists from their respective fields.

Dr. Meg Younger: How well can mosquitoes smell?

Photo: A photo of Meg Younger, a woman with long brown hair and a dark shirt.

Dr. Meg Younger, a CAS assistant professor of biology, studies how mosquitoes use their sense of smell when looking for a person to bite. Her lab focuses on the Aedes aegypti, mosquitoes that spread numerous diseases like dengue fever, yellow fever, and Zika virus.

“I am excited to make discoveries that advance our understanding of the chemical senses,” Younger says. “Especially in the mosquito olfactory system, because of the relevance to global health, but also to learn how different animals detect and encode odors and find out what diverse strategies exist that enable animals to smell the volatile odorant chemicals in the world around them.”

You can read more about all three recipients and more about Dr. Meg Younger here.

Congratulations to Dr. Meg Younger!

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