In planning for next semester’s courses, review the Bulletin which is the authority on all major requirements. You can also use the advising worksheet for your major and the upcoming semester’s Biology Course Directory.

If you have already filled out the Major/Minor Declaration form to switch CAS majors or completed the intra-University transfer process to switch colleges

Meet with an advisor in your new department to schedule classes. Your new department’s advisor can access your registration code on the Link.

If you have not yet completed the paperwork to switch majors or colleges

Meet first with an advisor in your new department, then bring your signed schedule to the main Biology office at 5 Cummington Mall, Room 101, to receive your registration code.

Registration Dates and Times

You are REQUIRED to attend one of the below Freshmen Advising Meetings in order to receive your unique 6-digit registration code.

Mandatory Freshmen Advising Meetings (choose one):

At the meeting, you will be advised on next semester’s schedule by Stacy Straaberg Finfrock and Biology faculty advisors. We will also discuss various program opportunities. Students who are studying abroad in fall should still attend one of these meetings!

Note: In spring semester, you change advisors from Stacy to a Biology faculty advisor according to your declared major/specialization.

Registration Dates and Times
Rising Juniors & Seniors Advising Weeks are April 2-April 13

1. Use AdvisorTrac to sign up for an appointment with your assigned advisor during YOUR advising week (listed above). If your advisor does not have availability, please email him/her directly to set up a time to meet. If you do not have an advisor, email Missy Berry.

2. Meet with your advisor to discuss your course schedule. Be sure to come to the meeting prepared by bringing your Transcript, Degree Advice Report, Biology Course Directory, and major guidelines worksheet. Your advisor will have your registration code, though you may stop by the main Biology office to ask Stacy any additional questions.

Please note: the following Biology faculty are on sabbatical, so you should meet with the secondary advisor assigned to you (check the Student Link). Your secondary advisor will have your registration code.

  • Dr. Gardner
  • Dr. Mullen
  • Dr. Schneider

For students CURRENTLY abroad:

Schedule a phone/video meeting with your advisor or email back and forth regarding your course schedule. Once a set of courses has been mutually decided on, your advisor can provide you with your registration code.

Note: If you are participating in the Tropical Ecology Program, or any other program that will not have access to the Internet during the registration period, you should meet with your academic advisor BEFORE going abroad to complete the CAS Registration Planner Form. This form should then be submitted to the Study Abroad office so that Study Abroad can register your courses for you.

For students who are GOING abroad:

If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming semester, you should still attend a freshmen group meeting or meet with your faculty advisor to go over your plan for next semester and the semester you return to campus. It’s advised to register for a backup plan of courses for the upcoming semester in case you do not end up going abroad.

Please review the full list of Abroad Registration Instructions before your departure.