Cameron Dixon Receives 2022 I. Alden Macchi Award

By Jen CorreiaMay 24th, 2022in Grad Student News

Cameron Dixon, MCBB PhD candidate of the McCall Lab, was selected as the winner of the 2022 I. Alden Macchi Award for excellence in the field of regulatory biology. Read more about Cameron's research below! Hormones orchestrate vital physiological pathways, such as metabolism, development, and reproduction. Beyond their influence on organismal... More

2022 Dr. Marion R. Kramer Scholarship Winners

By Jen CorreiaMay 23rd, 2022in Grad Student News

The Department of Biology is excited to announce the two recipients of this year’s Dr. Marion R. Kramer Scholarships: Hannah Aichelman of the Davies Lab and Nahomie Rodriguez-Sastre of the Bradham Lab. Hannah Aichelman uses physiological and molecular tools to understand how both temperate and tropical coral species persist in... More

Heather Hook Receives Charles Terner Award

By Jen CorreiaMay 20th, 2022in Grad Student News

Heather Hook, Biology PhD candidate of the Siggers Lab, is this year’s recipient of the Charles Terner Award. In the Siggers lab, Heather has been working on the development of a novel, high-throughput technique to profile transcription factor – cofactor complex recruitment to DNA to determine a cell’s key regulators. More

Nicola Kriefall Receives Belamarich Dissertation Writing Award

By Jen CorreiaMay 19th, 2022in Grad Student News

Nicola Kriefall of the Davies Lab is the recipient of the 2022 Belamarich Dissertation Writing Award. This award complements the Belamarich Award, and is given to support an outstanding PhD student through the dissertation writing stage. Nicola is interested in understanding how reef environments affect corals and their symbioses with microscopic... More

Frank Azorsa Receives Long-term GRAF

By Jen CorreiaMay 10th, 2022in Grad Student News

Biology PhD student Frank Azorsa of the Traniello Lab recently received a Long-term Graduate Research Abroad Fellowship (GRAF). This fellowship program supports foreign-based research by doctoral students whose field-based or archival research requires an extended period of residence in another country or countries. . Frank’s research on brain evolution requires... More

Yuan Tian Receives Brenton R. Lutz Award

By Jen CorreiaMay 2nd, 2022in Grad Student News

Yuan Tian of the Man Lab is the recipient of this year’s Brenton R. Lutz Award. Yuan studies the UBE3A-dependent autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which is one of the most common genetic factors in ASD etiology. Using transgenic mouse models, her research focuses on characterizing the sexually dimorphic behaviors, neuronal... More

Graduate Students Awarded Warren-McLeod Fellowships

By elgivensMarch 16th, 2022in Grad Student News, News

Congratulations to the 2022 winners of the Warren-McLeod Graduate Fellowships! Recipient of the full year Warren-McLeod Fellowship: James Fifer – Biology PhD candidate in the Davies lab | Taking an archipelago-wide perspective to predict coral resilience on the reefs of the Marianas Recipient of the summer Warren-McLeod Fellowships: Joshua Aguirre – Biology PhD candidate... More