2024 Master’s Merit Scholarship Recipient

By Jen CorreiaJune 12th, 2024in Grad Student News

  Ritika Sibal of the Knott Lab is this year’s recipient of the Master’s Merit Scholarship for continuing MS students. This scholarship is awarded to a current MS student who stands out in their studies. Ritika is a second-year master’s student in the Knott Primate Ecology and Conservation Lab. During her undergraduate... More

Abigail Robinson Receives BU Women’s Council Award

By wendyw7May 8th, 2024in Grad Student News, News

Abigail Robinson, a Biology PhD student in the Mullen Lab, received the BU Women’s Council Award. The BU Women’s Council was founded and dedicated to helping the talented young women who have chosen to pursue graduate degrees at BU. Abby studies how predator avoidance strategies, like mimicry, shape communities. Batesian... More

2024 Marion R. Kramer Scholarship Recipients

By wendyw7May 7th, 2024in Grad Student News

Jillian Ness, an MCBB PhD student in the Wunderlich Lab, and Kathryn Atherton, a PhD candidate in the Bioinformatics program and a BU URBAN program trainee working in the Bhatnagar Lab, received the 2024 Marion R. Kramer Scholarship. In Jillian's research, she and her team studied how enhancers work in development, More

Morgan Bennett-Smith Receives Dana Wright Fellowship

By wendyw7April 18th, 2024in Grad Student News

Morgan Bennett-Smith, a second year PhD student in the Buston Lab, received the Dana Wright Fellowship. Morgan's research explores the ways that the clownfish - sea anemone mutualism changes during different conditions, in particular, climatic stress events. He works on two model systems: the Red Sea clownfish (Amphiprion bicinctus) at sites... More

Abigail Robinson Receives 2023 Thomas H. Kunz Award

By wendyw7April 17th, 2024in Grad Student News

Abigail Robinson, a Biology PhD student in the Mullen Lab, received the 2024 Thomas H. Kunz Award. The Kunz Award recognizes and celebrates exemplary contributions by an early or mid-career scientist to the study of bats, including measurable impacts on bat research and/or conservation, student mentoring, public education, and collaborations. In... More

Alejandro Rondon Ortiz Receives Brenton R. Lutz Award

By wendyw7April 16th, 2024in Grad Student News

Alejandro Rondon Ortiz, a Biology PhD student in the Wolozin Lab, received the 2024 Brenton R. Lutz Award.  In his study, Alejandro investigated the protein interaction networks (PINs) from the autophagy receptor SQSTM1/p62. SQSTM1/p62 regulates proteostasis by degrading cellular cargo, including protein aggregates. He employed proximity labeling and proteomics to dissect... More

Caroline Fleming Receives McLeod Annual Award

By wendyw7April 12th, 2024in Grad Student News

Caroline Fleming, a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in the Rotjan Lab, received the 2024 McLeod Annual Award. She is an eco-physiologist who studies the energetic trade-offs marine organisms make under local and global change. Her research focuses on the temperate coral, Astrangia poculata, which lives in highly-urbanized, rapidly changing coastal ecosystems... More

2024 McLeod Summer Award Recipients

By wendyw7April 11th, 2024in Grad Student News

Maria Ingersoll, Biology PhD candidate in the Davies and Gilmore Labs, and Mu-Han Chen, a Biology PhD student in the Davies Lab, received the 2023 McLeod Summer Award. Maria studies the immune system of cnidarians, including coral and sea anemones, specifically in reference to their symbiosis with a photosynthetic algae that... More

Mandy Pinheiro Receives Belamarich Dissertation Writing Award

By wendyw7April 10th, 2024in Grad Student News

Mandy Pinheiro, a PhD candidate in the Naya Lab, received the Belamarich Dissertation Writing Award. This award complements the Belamarich Award, and is given to support an outstanding PhD student through the dissertation writing stage. Mandy’s research focuses on understanding how noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) may be central to the coordination of... More