Graduating Senior, Aria Armstrong, Published in Ecosphere

By Ben Bradbury-KosterApril 29th, 2020in News, Student News

Graduating Biology CMG senior and SURF awardee, Aria Armstrong, in the Celenza lab is co-author on a recently published article in Ecosphere entitled, “Indolic glucosinolate pathway provides resistance to mycorrhizal fungal colonization in a non-host Brassicaceae”. Armstrong and Celenza collaborated with Drs. Mark Anthony and Serita Frey at the University... More

2020 Biology Department Undergraduate Research Award Winners

By Ben Bradbury-KosterApril 23rd, 2020in News, Student News

  Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Biology Department Undergraduate Research Award. The Biology Research and Honors Committee gives this annual award to outstanding seniors of any major who are performing research in Biology Department labs. This year's winners were Rose Zhao (CAS, BMB), Jasmine Clevenger (ENG, BME), and Madison Pacaro (CAS, Biology). More

Biology Graduate Students and Alumni Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

The awardees and honorable mentions for the 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) competition were recently posted and several Biology & MCBB students were recognized. MCBB Ph.D. student Marisol Dothard, Biology Ph.D. student Zoey Werbin in the Bhatnagar lab, and M.S. Biology student Caroline Fleming in the Rotjan lab were all... More

Hannah Aichelman Receives Dana Wright Fellowship

By Jen CorreiaMarch 26th, 2020in Grad Student News

Hannah Aichelman of the Davies Lab is this year's recipient of the Dana Wright Fellowship. Hannah's research interests are broadly focused on understanding resilience and responses to rapid climate change of the coral animal and its symbiotic algae. Her current work uses physiological and molecular tools to answer these questions in both... More

Isabella Muratore Receives Brenton R. Lutz Award

By Jen CorreiaMarch 23rd, 2020in Grad Student News

  Isabella Muratore of the Traniello and Mullen Labs is the recipient of this year's Brenton R. Lutz Award. Isabella's research focuses on the fungus-growing ant Atta cephalotes, which exhibits an extraordinary worker polymorphism of body size-related task specialists, or subcastes. Social role variation that underpins the agricultural habits of this... More

Margaret O’Connor Receives Charles Terner Award

By Jen CorreiaMarch 18th, 2020in Grad Student News

  Margaret O'Connor, MCBB PhD candidate of the Man Lab, is this year's recipient of the Charles Terner Award. Margaret is investigating the X-linked protein NEXMIF, which is associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She uses a transgenic mouse model to study the role NEXMIF plays in brain development, specifically neuronal growth... More

Robin Francis Receives Thomas H. Kunz Award

By Jen CorreiaMarch 17th, 2020in Grad Student News

  Robin Francis of the Buston Lab is this year's recipient of the Thomas H. Kunz Award. Robin has general interests in marine metapopulation ecology and conservation biology, and specific interests in plasticity of larval dispersal and its effects on population connectivity of reef fishes. The aim of her current research... More

Leah Williams Gives Talk at EMBO | EMBL Symposium

By Jen CorreiaMarch 11th, 2020in Grad Student News

  Leah Williams of the Gilmore Lab gave an invited talk at EMBO | EMBL Symposium: The Organism and its Environment, held at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany from March 1-4, 2020. The title of her talk was "Evolution of immune regulation: structure, activity, and biology of transcription factor NF-kappaB in early metazoans." Leah's... More