Cymone Reed Publishes Biology Letters Paper

A big congratulations to Cymone Reed (CAS ’18),  the lead author along with Ph.D. student Rebecca Branconi, Postdoctoral Fellow John Majoris, Research Associate Cara Johnson, and Associate Professor Pete Buston, who published the paper “Competitive growth in a social fish” in the Royal Society’s Biology Letters. The paper demonstrates that clownfish are able to increase their growth rate in response... More

Davies lab members attend SICB Conference in FL

Dr. Sarah Davies and lab members attended the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Conference in Tampa, Florida in early January. Students received financial support to attend the conference from the Biology Department Travel Awards and UROP. They had seven podium presentations and one poster presentation. In addition, Dr. Davies and her... More

Introducing the Loren E. Wold Research Awards

The Loren E. Wold Research Awards have been established by Biology alumnus Dr. Loren E. Wold (CAS ’97), a distinguished research scientist and Professor at Ohio State University.  Dr. Wold is a strong advocate of undergraduate research and mentoring.  Each award supports summer research projects in the amount of $4,800 for salary and... More

Katey Lesneski Receives Best Poster Award at Student Conference on Conservation Science – New York

By Christina HoneycuttNovember 28th, 2018in Grad Student News, News

Katey Lesneski, Ph.D. candidate co-advised by Dr. John Finnerty and Dr. Les Kaufman, was recently awarded the Best Poster Award for "Best Use of Quantitative Methods in Conservation Research" at the 2018 Student Conference on Conservation Science in NYC. Her poster titled "Identifying resilient individuals of an endangered coral for reef... More

Nahomie Rodriguez-Sastre Receives Outstanding Poster Award at Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin (DBSU)

Nahomie Rodriguez-Sastre, Ph.D. student in the Bradham Lab, recently received the "Outstanding Poster Award" at the Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin (DBSU) in Woods Hole, MA for her poster titled: "Ethanol treatment perturbs skeletal patterning during sea urchin development." Nahomie's research uses the sea urchin to identify the pathway that EtOH... More

Shawna Henry Receives Best Poster Award at Gordon Research Conference

Shawna Henry, Ph.D. candidate in the Ho Lab, recently received the "Best Poster Award" at the Gordon Research Conference: Neurobiology of Brain Disorders in Barcelona, Spain for her poster titled: "Conformational Switch of Mint1 Controls APP Binding and Processing." Shawna's research examined how perturbing the interaction between Mint1, a neuronal adaptor protein, More

Joana Barbosa Teixeira and Rose Zhao Honored with Marion Kramer Award

By Stacy Straaberg FinfrockSeptember 26th, 2018in Student News

Joana Barbosa Teixeira and Rose Zhao, both Biochemistry & Molecular Biology majors, were recently honored with the 2018/2019 Marion Kramer Award. This award is given to high-achieving female students majoring in the biological sciences. The award was established in 2001 in honor of Dr. Marion Kramer who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Boston... More