The Biology Antiracism Committee (BAC) is working to dismantle systemic barriers, build inclusive policies and practices, and promote a culture and climate in which a diverse and integrated community thrives.

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The continuing existence of racism and racist policies in our community, and in society, is fundamentally wrong and in urgent need of attention. The national uprising of antiracist activism in the USA creates an opportunity to work together for transformative change – in our departments, university, and more broadly. We know that our community, our science, and our lives benefit from full integration of many kinds of people, with diverse perspectives and life experiences. These include people of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, immigration statuses, sexes, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and more.

We recognize that our Department, and our field, are far less diverse than the society we live in, and that there are deeply entrenched, systemic barriers that limit equal participation. Our goals are to bring antiracist approaches to Biology teaching, research, and mentoring, to identify and change racist policies, and to recruit more students and colleagues who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Building a thriving diverse and integrated Biology Department will take time, collaboration, and engagement of all members of our community.

Diversity and Inclusion across BU.

If you need more information or would like to reach out, please contact BAC Co-Chairs Chip Celenza and Angela Seliga.