Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in research during their time at Boston University. Each year, approximately 100 Biology students conduct research in both faculty labs and labs outside the BU Biology Department. To access our Fall 2023 Undergraduate Research Info Session, please click here.

Recent publications (current undergraduates and recent graduates listed in bold):


Brozynski, M., Di Via loschpe, A., Oleru, O., Seyidova, N., Rew, C., Taub, P.J. (2023) Never Events in PlasticSurgery: An Analysis of Surgical Burns and Medical Malpractice Litigation. [accepted by Burns]

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Di Via Ioschpe, A., Roy, N., James J., Alexis, M., Kim, E., Oleru, O., Seyidova, N., Henderson, P (2023) Scrolling for Answers about Breast Implant Illness: Application of Validated Tools to Assess the Quality of Content on YouTube and TikTok. [accepted by Plastic Surgery Journal]

Di Via loschpe, A., Brozynski, M., Oleru, O., Seyidova, N., Rew, C., Taub, P.J. (2023) Scalding Saline: Preventing Never Events in Medical Litigation. [accepted by Burns]

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Fricker Z, Jiang G, Patel H, McLaughlin A, Izunza Barba S, Niezen S, Curry M. A randomized study of ceftriaxone for the prevention of infections in hospitalized patients with advanced cirrhosis. Hepatol Commun. 2024 Jan 5;8(1):e0356. doi: 10.1097/HC9.0000000000000356. PMID: 38180983; PMCID: PMC10781126. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38180983/

Fujimaki, H., Ayres, N., Rios, E., Chen, R., Lambert, J., Lee, J., & Giatsidis, G. (2023). SP07. mechanical stimulation improves functional recovery after skeletal muscle injury in rats. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open, 11(5S), 124–125. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.gox.0000938372.23758.57 

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Hamadani CM, et al. Ionic Liquid Coating-Driven Nanoparticle Delivery to the Brain: Applications for NeuroHIV.  Advanced Science. Accepted Jan 8 2024. DOI: 10.1002/advs.202305484. PMID: 36824802; PMCID: PMC9949257.

 Hanna, B., Heavey, G., et al. “Circulating free HPV16 DNA as a potential biomarker for immunotherapy-based trials in HPV16+ head and neck squamous cell carcinoma” American Association for Cancer Research, 2023. https://aacrjournals.org/cancerres/article/83/7_Supplement/3365/719445/Abstract-3365-Circulating-free-HPV16-DNA-as-a

Hutchison A, Sibanda C, Hulme M, Anwar S, Gur B, Thomas R, Lowery LA. Re-examining the evidence that ivermectin induces a melanoma-like state in Xenopus embryos. Bioessays. 2024 Jan;46(1):e2300143. doi: 10.1002/bies.202300143. Epub 2023 Nov 20. PMID: 37985957; PMCID: PMC10841629.

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Ietto G, Iori V, Gritti M, Inversini D, Costantino A, Izunza Barba S, Jiang ZG, Carcano G, Dalla Gasperina D, Pettinato G. Multicellular Liver Organoids: Generation and Importance of Diverse Specialized Cellular Components. Cells. 2023 May 19;12(10):1429. doi: 10.3390/cells12101429. PMID: 37408262; PMCID: PMC10217024. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37408262/ 

Jenks JA, Amin S, Sponholtz MR, Kumar A, Wrapp D, Venkatayogi S, Tu JJ, Karthigeyan K, Valencia SM, Connors M, Harnois MJ, Hora B, Rochat E, McLellan JS, Wiehe K, Permar SR. A single, improbable B cell receptor mutation confers potent neutralization against cytomegalovirus. PLoS Pathog. 2023 Jan 20;19(1):e1011107. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1011107. PMID: 36662906; PMCID: PMC9891502.

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Mark Hutchinson, Jeffrey A. Ruffolo, Nantaporn Haskins, Michael Iannotti, Giuliana Vozza, Tony Pham, NurjahanMehzabeen, Harini Shandilya, Keith Rickert, RebeccaCroasdale-Wood, Melissa Damschroder, Ying Fu, Andrew Dippel, Jeffrey J. Gray, Gilad Kaplan. Enhancement of antibody thermostability and affinity by computational design in the absence of antigen. bioRxiv 2023.12.19.572421; doi:https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.12.19.572421

Olesinski EA*, Bhatia KS*, Mahesh AN, Rosli S, Mohamed JS, Jen WY, Jain N, Garcia JS, Wong GC, Ooi M, Letai A, Konopleva M#, Bhatt S#. (2023). BH3 profiling identifies BCL-2 dependence in adult early T-cell progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood Advances, 7(12), 2917-2923. doi.org/10.1182/bloodadvances.2022007728.· 

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Paweletz, C., Heavey, G., et al. “Early changes in circulating cell free KRAS G12C as a possible blood-based response biomarker for Adagrasib in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)” American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2023 https://aacrjournals.org/mcr/article/21/5_Supplement/A002/725760/Abstract-A002-Early-changes-in-circulating-cell

Pelster, M., Yaeger, R., Klempner, S., Ou, S.-H., Spira, A., Jänne, P., Uboha, N., Gaffar, Y., Newman, G., Paweletz, C., Heavey, G., et al. “Adagrasib with or without cetuximab in patients with KRASG12C-mutated Colorectal Cancer (CRC): Analysis of tumor biomarkers and genomic alterations.” Annals of Oncology, 2023. https://www.annalsofoncology.org/article/S0923-7534(23)02577-2/fulltext

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Publication link: https://rdcu.be/cQhSy


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