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Letter from the Dean – September 2021 Digital Marketing Issue

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Digital Marketing Edition (Part II of II) One of the luxuries of staying in a hotel, beyond the fresh linens, array of carefully selected bath products, and chocolate treats left on the pillow, is access to a particular benefit that is not exactly decadent but fleeting and frequently unattainable in […]

September 2021 Editors’ Letter

By: Leora Halpern Lanz, ISHC, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; Faculty Chair, MMH; and Associate Professor of the Practice, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration and Mackenzie Miers, SHA ’21, MMH ’22 We are pleased to share Part II of our Digital Marketing edition of the Boston Hospitality Review (BHR). As our Part I […]

L’Importance du Géomarketing

Par Lyndsey Bjork, SHA, MMH ’22, Iwane Rousset, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21, Théophile Griveaux, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21 Les tendances actuelles en termes de marketing digital poussent les entreprises vers plus de créativité et une meilleure compréhension de leurs clients. L’économie numérique semble être l’un des secteurs les plus résilients face à cette pandémie. […]

Il cambiamento nella realtà digitale: proteggere il pubblico dalle Fake News

By McLittle Stock on Shutterstock di Marco Ferrari, Ferrari Branding, Roma, Italia Non sarà facile dimenticare il 2020 e non solo per la terribile pandemia che ha devastato il mondo, uccidendo milioni di persone e minando alle fondamenta sia l’economia mondiale che lo stato sociale. Lo ricorderemo anche per l’incredibile evoluzione del fenomeno delle “fake […]

Have Restaurants Altered Their Social Media Approach?

By Jenna Jiampetro, BU SHA, MMH ‘21 The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry and every sector within it.  An industry built on the desire for face-to-face, tangible interaction was forced to evolve to accommodate an ever-growing virtual world. The need and want for safety remains prevalent despite the innate human desire to […]

Marketing Accountability: A Holistic Approach

By Jonathan Katz, Lecturer, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration The role of marketing within the hospitality industry has never been more essential. As the world emerges from a pandemic and contemplates how and at what rate to resume what was once familiar behavior, marketers are expected to identify ways to engage targeted audiences, […]

The Change in Digital Reality: Protecting Consumers from Fake News

By Marco Ferrari, Ferrari Branding, Rome, Italy It will not be easy to forget 2020 and not just because of the terrible pandemic which ravaged the world for most of the year, killing millions of people and undermining the global economic and social foundations of our society. We will remember it also for the incredible […]

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Marketing Efforts

By Kairbay Tumanov, MMH’21 and Anh Pham, ESSEC, IMHI’22 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, over the last decade, rapidly evolved in relevance and utilization in hospitality digital marketing. How has it been used, and is our industry optimally capitalizing on the functionality?  Defined as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally […]

Destination Marketing in a Pandemic: How Bermuda Retained Its Relevance and Found Silver Linings

By Leora Halpern Lanz, ISHC with Claire Deal, SHA ’23 I. Introduction: The Impact In 2020, tourism’s boom hit a sudden, unanticipated, and dramatic pause. With the emergence of a global pandemic declared on March 11, global travel and tourism came to a painful halt with almost no movement of people worldwide. Countries that relied […]

The Power of Geo-Targeting

By Lyndsey Bjork, SHA, MMH ’22, Iwane Rousset, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21, Théophile Griveaux, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21 The continued dynamic of digital marketing pushes companies toward more creativity and a deeper understanding of customers. The digital economy appears to be one of the most resilient industries when facing these pandemic times; companies […]