Eliciting Language Samples for Analysis (ELSA) is a protocol designed to collect natural language samples (NLS) from children and adolescents with varying language profiles. Our research study examined how children with autism use their language and communication in a naturalistic play-based context.

Who participated?image of toys

Children age 4-7 with Autism Spectrum Disorder

What did the study involve?

    Participants visited the center for one to two visits.

    • Autism Assessment (~45 minutes)
    • Intelligence Measure (~35 minutes)
    • 2 play-based language tasks (~20 minutes each)

    Additionally, there were 2 questionnaires:

    • Demographic Questionnaire (10 minutes to complete)
    • Adaptive Behaviors Questionnaire (20 minutes to complete)

    Participating families were compensated for their time, and received a fun toy at each visit, along with an individualized report about the child upon request.

    Learn more about our ELSA Protocol!

    This project was supported by the Simons Foundation.