Dr. Tager-Flusberg Appointed to IACC

By Abigail M OldhamJuly 30th, 2021

Our director, Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg has been appointed as a member of the IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) and is participating in their full committee meeting happening this week. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss business, agency updates, and issues related to ASD research and services. It is an honor for Dr. Tager-Flusberg to be a part of this group! You can learn more about the committee and their meeting at the website:

CARE Graduation Ceremony

By ChloeMay 17th, 2021

This past week, Dr. Tager-Flusberg held a private graduation ceremony for Dr. Sophie Schwartz (who completed her PhD last year but who had no ceremony because of the pandemic) and Dr. Mihaela Barokova (who graduated this month). With Dr. Tager-Flusberg in the middle, Mihaela is on the left, in the gown, and Sophie is on the right, in the cap. While we couldn't all be there in person, our two current doctoral students did attend (Chelsea, next to Mihaela, and Meredith, next to Sophie), and we can all enjoy this photo!

Boston Autism Community Conference

By ChloeMay 4th, 2021
On Monday May 3, there was a Community Autism Conference with updates from several scientists who are sharing their work at INSAR this week, and topics specifically related to the Covid-19 pandemic's effects on the ASD community. In addition, Dr. Tager-Flusberg, who is accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from INSAR TODAY, also gave an invited talk. Registration is free, and the recordings are available after registration! Please see this page for more information.

INSAR Lifetime Achievement and Dissertation Award!

By ChloeMay 4th, 2021
Our Director, Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg, is accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from INSAR today during the annual meeting. The awards ceremony begins at 4pm!
Helen will be giving a short talk, which we will share when it is available. In addition, a former graduate student and current research scientist in the lab, Dr. Sophie Schwartz, is being honored this afternoon with a Dissertation Award and will also be speaking.
We'll share whatever we can once available, but for now- you can register for INSAR as a community member here (, and you can see Helen's and Sophie's names featured in this list (
We are so fortunate to be directed and joined by such wonderful scientists here at CARE!
Update: you can view Helen's Lifetime Achievement Award speech here!

Farewell, Jenn!

By ChloeApril 15th, 2021

We've been so lucky to have Jenn Leano work here at CARE for four amazing years! This past week was her last week-- Jenn has taken a position as Clinical Research Program Coordinator with Dr. Megan Ranney's team at Brown University, Lifespan Center for Digital Health.  We all wish her well in her new role!

We surprised her at our lab meeting last week with a little video that Emily put together, and fun was had by all. I can't share the video, so the above still from it will have to suffice.

Jenn, we hope you have lots of fun at Brown, we know you'll do amazing things, and we'll miss you tons!

Want to work at CARE? We’re looking for a post-doc!

By ChloeApril 13th, 2021


Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The Center for Autism Research Excellence (CARE) at Boston University has an immediate opening for a full time post-doctoral fellow for a 2-year term to work on a variety of ongoing research programs that explore early brain and behavioral development in autism, with a focus on language and social cognition.  We are looking for an energetic scientist who has a strong research background in development and autism (or related neurodevelopmental disorders), some technical and programming expertise, and experience collecting and analyzing clinical, behavioral and electrophysiological (EEG/ERP) data.


The Post-Doctoral Fellow will have primary responsibilities in supporting new and ongoing research programs.  Responsibilities include:

  • Training and supervision of students and other project staff
  • Data collection including both standardized behavioral assessments and EEG/ERP measures
  • EEG/ERP and behavioral data processing and analyses
  • Write-up and dissemination of findings for reports, conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications


Required Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience or related fields
  • Experience working with children in research settings, preferably including individuals with ASD
  • Training in two or more of the following areas: cognitive science/cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging/electrophysiology, developmental sciences; autism research
  • Programming skills (e.g., MATLAB; Python) and proficiency with statistical programs and analyses (e.g., R, SPSS)
  • Excellent interpersonal leadership skills, writing, and organizational skills
  • Strong record of scholarly accomplishments


Salaries and benefits are competitive. Boston University offers active support and professional training programs to post-doctoral fellows ( Interested candidates should send a CV, cover letter, research statement and contact information for three professional references to Helen Tager-Flusberg, Ph.D. ( and Chloe Adams Agarwal (CARE Administrator –


To learn more about our work please visit our website:

World Autism Awareness Day

By ChloeApril 7th, 2021

On World Autism Awareness Day, we celebrate the countless ways that people with autism contribute to our families, our communities, our Nation, and the world, and we shine a light on the systemic barriers people with autism face in their daily lives.

You can read the full proclamation from the White House here.

Celebrating Dr. Barokova!!

By ChloeMarch 25th, 2021

Last week, one of our doctoral students, Mihaela Barokova, defended her dissertation successfully and earned her PhD! Tomorrow, the newly-minted Doctor is giving a talk to the Infant Brain Imaging Study (IBIS) Network to talk about her ELSA protocol for language assessment and communication in ASD! She had another invited talk earlier in the month- March has been a very big month for our Dr. Barokova!! You can read both of her 2020 publications here.

INSAR 20th Anniversary!

By ChloeMarch 15th, 2021

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) has their 20th anniversary conference this year!! To celebrate the milestone, INSAR staff interviewed some of the board and committee members, Lifetime Achievement awardees, and fellows. One of the Lifetime Achievement awardees they interviewed was our very own director, Dr. Tager-Flusberg! You can watch her interview, and see more, on this website!!