Child Auditory Processing Studies (CAPS)


Thanks all for your support of this project! We have finished enrolling participants and are working on the last stages of data analysis. Stay tuned for results- we’ll be updating this page when we have more to share!

The Child Auditory Processing Study (CAPS) used EEG to investigate the brain systems underlying speech and sound processing. We are interested in how children with autism and their typically developing peers use auditory and visual cues to understand language. There were two branches of CAPS – one focused on typically developing children and adolescents (ages 3-17) and the other focused on children and adolescents with Autism (ages 3-21).

In order to learn how children with autism process language, we need to better understand how both typically developing children and children with autism do so. This set of studies investigated the behavioral and brain systems underlying both basic and complex language processing. We are interested in how children use simple speech sounds as well as visual cues from a speaker to help them process language.

CAPS for Typically Developing CAPS for Autism

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For typically developing children and adolescents

For children and adolescents with autism