Autism Study of Bulgarian Children’s Communication

Understanding Social Communication in Early Childhood

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Duration: Summer 2018- Summer 2020

Come play with us to help us learn how children communicate with their parents!

What are we studying?

We are using behavioral assessments to investigate how children with autism communicate with their parents on a daily basis. We are interested in identifying the methods of communication that best facilitate children’s development.

Who can participate?

Children with an autism diagnosis, ages 2 to 8 years.

What does participation involve?

One (or two) visits to our testing site for behavioral assessments. In addition, you and your child will be given toys and asked to play as you typically would at home.

Standardized Assessments:

At this visit, your child will be given several behavioral tests by trained staff, which will primarily involve looking at books, talking and playing some games with the researchers. Parents will be in the room where the testing takes place, and assessment time will alternate with breaks, snacks, etc.

Language Sample:

You will be provided with a variety of toys and will be asked to play with your child as you would normally at home for 20 to 30 minutes.


While your child is completing the standardized assessments, you will be asked to fill out three questionnaires about your child’s communication and behavior, as well as general demographic information about you, your child, and your household.

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