POLO – Remote Study

Why is CARE conducting this study?

We know that some individuals with ASD have significant language delays and make significant gains during early school years, and some remain minimally verbal. We seek to understand the difference between those that are “late bloomers” and those that do not acquire speech.

Who can participate?

  • Children with an ASD diagnosis
  • Who are between 3 and 8 years old
  • Who are primarily spoken to in English

We are especially interested in those

  • Who have challenges with speech and language

What does the study involve?

  • 2-3 hours total
  • Several online surveys
  • Interviews and activities over Zoom

More specifically, if you are eligible for our study, we will schedule a brief (about 30 minutes) video call where we will talk to you about the study. If you would still like to participate, we will send you several online surveys to complete (about 1-1.5 hours). Once those are complete, we will schedule a Zoom interview where we will ask you questions about how your child, and schedule a recorded Zoom call where we will ask you to play with your child, and ask your child to copy several motor tasks.

Is there compensation?

Yes! You will receive $100 in gift cards after completing all study related tasks.

If you have any questions about POLO-R, please do not hesitate to reach out to the POLO team at polo@bu.edu, 617-863-7370!

This project is supported by the National Institutes of Health.