If you are interested in this REMOTE study opportunity, click HERE to fill out a screener and we will be in touch soon. Please email with any questions!

ACORN is a remote study that aims to investigate the skills and experiences that children with autism have with reading, letters, and numbers. This study particularly seeks to understand the literacy and numeracy in children who have difficulties with spoken language in order to be able to better support their learning and communication.

Who can participate?

  • Children (5 – 8 years old) with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and limited spoken language and their parent/guardian who speaks and reads English fluently enough to participate in interviews about their child.

What does participation involve?

Over the course of 3 – 4 study sessions over Zoom…

  • You will participate in 2 interviews with a member of our team, one about your child’s general communication and behaviors (60-90 min) and one about your child’s knowledge and experiences with reading, letters, and numbers (30-60 min)
  • You and your child will interact using 2 books (15 min)
  • Your child will participate in a letter/number activity with a member of our team (15 min)
  • You will complete a series of questionnaires about your child

What will we receive for participating?

  • $75 in the form of Amazon gift cards
  • 1 book that we will send to you for use in a study task

How can we participate?

If you are interested, you can fill out a screener HERE. Once we have determined your child’s eligibility, you will be contacted with the next steps in your participation.


Who should I contact for more information?

Please email us at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you