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Eric and Carol Meyers Excavation Fellowships

Established in 2014 through generous gifts made by the students and friends of Eric and Carol Meyers, fellowship funds have been designated to support the participation of ASOR members as volunteers or staff on excavation projects. Eric and Carol joined the Duke faculty in 1969 and 1977 respectively. Both have taught and mentored several generations of archaeologists and biblical historians, and both have received the highest accolades for their academic work. On the occasion of their retirement, their students and friends decided to honor them with the establishment of this endowment fund.

Eric and Carol have been active ASOR members since their graduate school days. Eric served as VP for publications and later as ASOR President (three separate terms), and he received the Richard J. Scheuer Medal. Carol served on the Committee for Archaeological Policy (six separate terms) and on the Publications Committee, and has received the P. E. MacAllister Field Archaeology Award from ASOR. Both currently serve on the ASOR board. Eric is currently on the Executive Committee, and Carol is on the Officers' Nominating Committee and the Professional Conduct Committee.

The Eric and Carol Meyers Endowed Scholarship Fund for Archaeological Volunteers and Staff will support two fellowships of $2,000 each for the summer of 2017.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2017

Application Form

Previous Recipients


Applicants must be current members of ASOR or students enrolled at an Institutional Member School. Applicants are encouraged to apply for Heritage, MacAllister, Meyers, Meyers/Wright, Platt, and Strange/Midkiff Fellowships. We encourage but do not require MacAllister, Meyers, Meyers/Wright, Platt, and Strange/Midkiff Fellows to participate on ASOR-affiliated excavations (see list).

Preference will be given to individuals that have not received support through the ASOR excavation fellowship program or other funding sources for the summer of 2017. Additional preference will also be given to applicants who would not usually receive funding (for airfare, lodging or a stipend) from the excavation. Preference is also given to applicants who have not received ASOR funding for excavations in the past three years.

Applications must include the contact information for the director of the excavation project.

Upon completion of the field season, a report of 250-350 words and an appropriate photo (500 dpi resolution or higher) on site must be submitted to the ASOR office by August 15, 2017. Reports and photos should be sent via email with "Eric and Carol Meyers report" in the subject line.

Grant recipients will be required to sign a waiver indicating that ASOR is not responsible for any injuries they might sustain during their time at the excavation they choose to participate in. They will also be required to sign a release of rights to ASOR for the inclusion of their report and photograph in one of ASOR's publications.