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Near Eastern Archaeology

Archaeological discoveries continually enrich our understanding of the people, culture, history, and literature of the Middle East. The heritage of its peoples - from urban civilization to the Bible - both inspires and fascinates. Near Eastern Archaeology brings to life the ancient world from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean with vibrant images and authoritative analyses. NEA (ISSN 1094-2076) is published four times each year (quarterly); March, June, September, and December.

All manuscripts submitted to Near Eastern Archaeology are subject to a peer review by independent scholars. All articles are sent to two external specialists in the field who are asked to evaluate the manuscripts for their academic quality; these assessment include comments on the contribution and a recommendation to the editor (accept / minor revision required / major revision required / reject). The time assigned for the review is normally 30 days; the peer review process and (if required) the resubmission of revised manuscripts is handled through NEA's Editorial Management system. The system mandates authors in the case of revisions to state how the reviewers' points of critique have been addressed. NEA's Editorial Board assists the editor in the peer review process, e.g., through the recommendation of external reviewers, acceptance decisions, and the academic revision of manuscripts.

Current Issue:

NEA Cover Near Eastern Archaeology 80.1 (March 2017):

This issue of NEA includes articles such as: Graphite-Treated Pottery in the Northeastern Mediterranean from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age, by Shannon Martino; Crossing Borders: Settlement Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan, by Julia Budka; Egypt and Israel: The Never-Ending Story, by Shirly Ben-Dor Evian; The Destruction of Archaeological Resources in the Palestinian Territories, Area C: Kafr Shiyān as a Case Study, by Salah Hussein A. Al-Houdalieh and Saleh Ali Tawafsha; and more!

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Past Issue:

NEA Cover Near Eastern Archaeology 79.4 (December 2016):

This issue of NEA includes articles such as: Stepping It Up (Like a Ziggurat): Education, ASOR, and the Twenty-First Century, by Susan E. Alcock; Archaeomagnetism, Radiocarbon Dating, and the Problem of Circular Reasoning in Chronological Debates: A Reply to Stillinger et al. 2016, by Katharina Streit and Felix Höflmayer; The Near East before Borders: Recent Excavations at Ein el-Jarba (Israel) and the Cultural Interactions of the Sixth Millennium cal. B.C.E., by Katharina Streit; Archaeology Returns to Ur: A New Dialog with Old Houses, by Elizabeth C. Stone and Paul Zimansky; and more!

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View NEA 78.3 (September 2015) Special Issue on The Cultural Heritage Crisis in the Middle East for free on JSTOR

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