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Study of Collections Fellowships


The American Schools of Oriental Research is pleased to announce two fellowships of $2,000 each to support the study of collections. Applicants must be current ASOR members.The collections covered by these fellowships include museum and archival collections, repositories, or collections of national authorities. The fellowship funds may be used to support travel and per diem expenses. Other direct expenses are permissible, but they may not exceed one-third of the funds received from ASOR. Indirect and/or overhead expenses are not allowable.

A committee comprised of ASOR members and staff will review the proposals. Applications must be received by December 15, 2016, in order to ensure full consideration. The committee hopes to announce its selections by January 20, 2017. Fellowship funds should be used by August 31, 2017. Any unused funds must be returned to ASOR and will be used to fund fellowships in future years. Awards may not be postponed.


Application Deadline: December 15, 2016

How to Apply

Send applications and inquiries by e-mail only to the ASOR Collections Fellowship Committee, c/o Britta Abeln, Please include the subject line “ASOR Collections Fellowship” in your e-mail. Applications must include the following in one single PDF document (using a standard 12 point font and one inch margins):

1. A cover letter (not to exceed one page) indicating your research interests and the suitability of the proposal.

2. A two-page proposal outlining the research, description of the collection(s), and the importance / scope of the proposed project.

3. A curriculum vitae (two pages maximum).

4. A budget (1 page maximum) that includes other grants or resources that will be used to support the proposed project.

5. Contact details (e-mail and phone) for one or two referees who have given permission to be contacted.



Applicants must be current ASOR members.

Preference will be given to ASOR members who work in the fields of the Near East and widerMediterranean who hold the Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree. Additional preference will be given to applicants who have not received another ASOR fellowship or grant in the past five years. These fellowships may be combined with other research funds, but this support must be described in the application. The selection process will take into account the quality of research, the scope and type of the material being studied, and the impact of the proposed research.

Fellowship recipients will be required to submit a brief report (ca. 500 words together with at least two high-resolution images) within 45 days of the conclusion of their research travel. Recipients will be required to sign a waiver indicating that ASOR is not responsible for any injuries they might sustain during their travel to the chosen collection(s). They will also be required to sign a release of rights to ASOR for the inclusion of their report and photographs in one of ASOR's publications (including the ASOR website, ASOR Blog, or other promotional materials). Publications resulting from this fellowship must acknowledge ASOR, and recipients must provide ASOR with a digital or hard-copy of any publications resulting from this research. Recipients grant ASOR permission to use any reports or publications in ASOR publications, the ASOR website, the ASOR Blog, and/or promotional materials.



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