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Public Policies

Facts & Figures

Name: American Schools of Oriental Research

Mission: ASOR's mission is to initiate, encourage and support research into and public understanding of the cultures and history of the Near East from the earliest of times.

Founded: 1900

Members: 1,650 individual members, 83 institutional members, and 3 affiliated overseas research institutes

Publications: Three journals (BASOR, JCS, and NEA), the ASOR Newsletter, and two book series (ASOR Annual [AASOR] and Archaeological Report Series [ASOR–ARS])

Annual Meeting: The conference with approximately 950 attendees begins eight days (on a Wednesday) before American Thanksgiving. The location varies every year, but the meeting is always located near the SBL Annual Meeting.

Professional Personnel: ASOR has 11 full time staff members (including staff for ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives), and about 10 part-time staff (including ASOR CHI).

President: Susan Ackerman, Dartmouth College

Chief Administrative Officer: Andrew G. Vaughn (Executive Director)

Financial Documents

    • IRS Determination Letter (confirmation of ASOR's 501(c)(3) status) (pdf)
    • Audited Financial Statements
      • Fiscal Year 2009 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2010 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2011 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2012 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2013 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2014 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2015 Audit (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2016 Audit (pdf)
    • Form 990
      • Fiscal Year 2009 Form 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2010 Form 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2011 Form 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2012 Fom 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2013 Form 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2014 Form 990 (pdf)
      • Fiscal Year 2015 Form 990 (pdf)



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