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Rules For Participation


Professional or student membership in ASOR is a prerequisite for participation in the Annual Meeting Program as a paper presenter or session chair (Associate Memberships and Contributing Memberships do not qualify). Students who are not currently enrolled at ASOR Member Institutions will need to have an active student membership. If you don't know your membership number, log in the online store, and click "My Information" in the sidebar. Your membership number will be displayed directly underneath your name. If you are not certain about whether your membership is current, please make a notation to this effect in the online registration form. The ASOR office will reject all applications from persons who are not current ASOR members.


In addition to ASOR membership, registration for the Annual Meeting is also a requirement for all participants in the Annual Meeting Program. All program participants must register for the 2017 Annual Meeting when submitting an abstract or registering as a session chair or discussant.  Please note that the Annual Meeting Registration site and ASOR’s abstract submission site are to separate platforms that each require a log-in and password. The ASOR office will reject all abstracts from persons who are not registered for the Annual Meeting.

Special Notice Regarding US Travel Restrictions

ASOR understands that US travel restrictions recently imposed on immigrant and non-immigrant citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen may still be in place in November and that these restrictions may be expanded to other countries in the region, making it impossible for colleagues from these countries to attend the ASOR Annual Meeting.  

If you are concerned about registering in advance for the Annual Meeting because of potential travel restrictions, ASOR will work with you to permit registrations at the reduced Early-Bird rate closer to the meeting dates. For more information and/or to make a request, please write to Arlene Press (


Although the policy for participating in the ASOR Annual Meeting Program requires ASOR membership and the Annual Meeting registration fee, there may be a few, rare situations in which exceptions might be appropriate. Waivers are normally limited to scholars at risk and other extraordinary cases (i.e., they are very rare). In order to be approved for a waiver, the participant must not have previously participated in the ASOR Annual Meeting. Please send requests for waivers via email to Arlene Press, who will forward these requests to the Executive Director for evaluation. Please understand that waivers are rarely granted.

Academic Program Participation Form

Every participant in the academic program of the Annual Meeting (paper presenters, workshop participants, session chairs, and discussants) must sign up using ASOR’s online abstract management site.  All are asked to pay special attention to the request for information about schedule conflicts.

Participation Policy

Individuals may appear up to three times on the program (business meetings and receptions are exempt). 

Participant roles include the following:

  • Session or Workshop Chair (or Co-Chair)
  • Presenter of Paper
  • Workshop Participant/Panelist
  • Discussant/Respondent

Under no circumstances may a single individual:

  • Present two papers
  • Chair more than two sessions

Criteria for Evaluating Papers/Presentations Submitted to ASOR Sessions, Member-Organized Sessions, Workshops, and Poster Session

In order to generate a program that is of interest to ASOR’s wide-ranging constituency, the Program Committee is inclusive and seeks to incorporate all viable submissions. While session chairs are responsible for evaluating papers and posters submitted to ASOR Sessions, Member-Organized Sessions, Workshops, and the Poster Session, the Program Committee in consultation with the CCC reserves the right to reject a paper, deny participation of a discussant or presenter in a workshop, or reject a poster.

ASOR Policy on Professional Conduct

ASOR is committed to the preservation and protection of archaeological resources as outlined in the ASOR Policy on Professional Conduct, and all presentations made at the Annual Meeting should be in conformity with this policy, as adopted by the ASOR Board of Trustees on April 18, 2015.

Length of Presentations

The Program Committee recommends that presentations fit into 20-30 minute time slots, allowing at least 5 minutes for discussion.

Attendance of the Annual Meeting by Presenters, Participants, and Session Chairs

All presenters, workshop participants, discussants and session chairs are expected to attend the meetings. The submission of a proposal and its acceptance represent a commitment from the contributor to read the paper or participate in the workshop session in person at the conference. In rare cases when a person cannot attend the meetings and the session chair approves, the presenter must contact the Manager of Programs and Events in the main ASOR office with notice of why he/she cannot attend. Those who do not attend should submit their papers to the session chair, so that arrangements can be made for their papers to be read. Those who do not follow this procedure may be disqualified from submitting papers to the Academic Program for the upcoming Annual Meeting (that is for one year following their failure to appear as scheduled).

Currently, provisions are not available to accommodate real-time, internet appearances by participants who are unable to attend the meetings in person (e.g. via Skype). Pretaped, video appearances of presenters may be employed (for example in a workshop session) only if the presentations are 5 min. or fewer in length and if presenters are Professional Members of ASOR and pregister for the Annual Meeting by the deadline stated in the Call for Papers.

Video-recording of sessions, workshops, or individual presentations is strictly prohibited.

Refund Policy

In the case that a presenter needs to withdraw his/her paper after it has been accepted, the presenter must email ASOR’s Manager of Programs and Events with the reason for the cancellation by September 15, 2017. If there should be a refund of the registration fee, a $75 administrative fee will be assessed per paper. Refunds may be processed after the meeting and will be issued by February 13, 2018.

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