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2017 Call for Papers

Update: The submission system is closed for paper abstracts

March 1 – August 1: POSTER abstracts and Digital Arch. Demo Showcase PROJECT submissions only

Paper proposal decision notifications will be emailed on or around May 15


Individual paper abstracts can be submitted beginning January 15, 2017.  All abstracts must be submitted via ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System powered by Oxford Abstracts.  The deadline to submit paper abstracts for the 2017 ASOR Annual Meeting is February 15, 2017. 

Your research may also be best presented in poster format. Poster abstract submission will open January 15, 2017 and will close on August 1, 2017. Poster abstracts must be submitted through the ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System as well. More details can be found on the Projects on Parade Poster Session page. The deadline for submission of abstracts for posters is August 1, 2017.

General Instructions for Individual Submissions
Session chairs will accept papers for approved sessions and workshops strictly on the basis of the quality of the abstract and its conformity to the following guidelines regarding content and format. To be considered by session chairs, abstracts also must be submitted by the deadline, and proposers must be current members of ASOR and preregistered for the meeting. Standards for acceptance will be the same for all abstracts submitted.

Abstracts should be submitted via ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System. The abstract will be forwarded to the correct Session Chair based on the session(s) noted on the form. For further information or questions specifically related to session, we strongly suggest that you email the session chair in advance of the submission deadline.

Questions regarding the status of submitted abstracts should be emailed to Arlene Press, ASOR's Programs and Events Manager.

Content of Abstracts
The content of the abstract should focus on the significance of the material or on proposed solutions to specific problems rather than on a descriptive narrative.

  1. The SIGNIFICANCE of the author's work should be stated explicitly.
  2. CONCLUSIONS, as well as the evidence for them, should be presented clearly.
  3. The TITLE should be precise and give sufficient information to allow for bibliographic indexing.
  4. Bibliographic references should be kept to a minimum and count towards the 250 word limit.  PREVIOUS SCHOLARSHIP on the subject may be cited, if particularly relevant as a point of departure for clarifying the advances made in the author's own work. See below for bibliographic format.
  5. It is understood that excavators and others engaged in research in the field during the summer cannot provide conclusions by the February 15 deadline. Preliminary submission for reports on excavations and surveys, however, is required; submissions should be detailed and specific, and should include information on the precise objective of the project and its research design.

Format of Abstracts

  1. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.
  2. In the case of multiple authors, please make sure to indicate the author who will be presenting the paper when submitting the abstract.  Each member may submit only ONE paper for which he/she is the reader.
  3. Abstract submissions MUST list ALL co-authors in the fields provided by the online abstract management system at the time of submission and by the February 15 deadline.
  4. All abstracts should follow the directives of The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition; Chicago: University of Chicago, 2010).
  5. If bibliographic references are included, these must follow the BASOR style updated 30 January 2015, reference 33.

Publication of Abstracts in Program Book

  1. All abstracts for papers accepted for presentation at the meetings will be published in the Annual Meeting Program and Abstract Book, which will not only be given to conference registrants, but will also receive an ISBN number and be available for purchase following the meeting.
  2. By submitting an abstract, presenters authorize ASOR to publish that abstract in the Program and Abstract Book.
  3. Presenters should make certain that abstracts are formatted and worded properly upon submission; opportunities for editing abstracts after April 30 may not be feasible.
  4. Abstracts may be reviewed and lightly copy edited for grammar and consistency of style.


Before submitting your abstract, please read the Rules for Participation.

All submissions must be made electronically using ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System.



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