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How to Apply for or Renew CAP Affiliation


Click here to begin the application.
Click on the Sign Up link in the upper right hand corner.


Here you will be presented with a sign up form:


Once you sign up, you will be given a confirmation e-mail, then you can sign in and create a new form by clicking the apply button on the top bar. You will then be presented with a summary of your applications, which should be empty, so just click on the New Application button:


You will then be presented with the application. All fields are required. Saving will not submit the form for review until you are finished:

Finally, submit your completed application by pressing 'Submit For Review'. You can manage your applications from the same Apply link at the top of the page in the blue header:

NOTE:  The screenshot above shows the 'Applications Dashboard,' where the status of the application is pictured, as well as the option to to submit it for review.