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Friends of ASOR are people who are interested in archaeological and historical research in the eastern Mediterranean. Founded in 1900, ASOR supports and encourages the study of the cultures and history of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. We invite you to register today so that you can join our team and receive exclusive benefits (The Ancient Near East Today and the Resource Page).

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This monthly e-newsletter disseminates ideas, insights and discoveries to Friends of ASOR. You can become a Friend for FREE, you only need register. The ANE Today appears on the third Tuesday of each month and features contributions from diverse academics, a forum featuring debates of current developments from the field, and links to news and resources. The ANE Today covers the entire Near East, and each issue presents discussions ranging from the state of biblical archaeology to archaeology after the Arab Spring. Sign up today for free and be a part of this community of discovery!


Friends of ASOR ResourcesThe Friends of ASOR Resource Page is an online resource for all things ancient Near Eastern. The FOA Resource Page brings together far-flung links to libraries, publications, museums, exhibitions, projects and much more. This page will be a prime destination for scholars, students and lay people who want a master portal into the world of the Ancient Near East. The page is still under development, so take the opportunity to tell us what kind of online resources would be useful to you. In the meanwhile, please explore the videos compiled on the Multimedia Resources page.





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