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Latin American Antiquity Blog on Teotihuacan Research

Blog post for Latin American Antiquity that links to three different articles on the Tlajinga Project at Teotihuacan.  David Carballo co-author of “Neighborhoods Life, Migration, and Social Infrastructure in Teotihuacan’s Southern Periphery” and “New Perspectives on Migration into the Tlajinga District of Teotihuacan: A Dual-Isotope Approach,” and on another article with students, Daniela Hernandez Sarinana […]

David Carballo recipient of Whiting Public Engagement Seed Grant

David Carballo will receive $10,000 to lead a community-engaged archaeology project with youth living near the ancient city of Teotihuacan, one of the largest cities of the pre-Columbian Americas. A heavily visited tourist destination and iconic national treasure, Teotihuacan is nonetheless threatened by the urban sprawl of Mexico City. Carballo and colleagues, including artist Pedro Cahuantzi […]

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Wroth (GRS’18), Marston, and Goldberg publish a paper

“Neanderthal plant use and pyrotechnology: phytolith analysis from Roc de Marsal, France”, paper published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, written by, Archaeology alumna, Kristen Wroth (GRS’18), Professor John M. Marston, Professor Emeritus, Paul Goldberg, et al. Read the paper. Congratulations Kris, Mac, and Paul! Image, Kristen Wroth and John Marston

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WGBH-FM Interview with Professor Beaudry, Jade Luis, and Diana Gallagher

Edgar B. Herwick III, WGBH Curiosity Desk, interviewed Professor Mary Beaudry, graduate student, Jade Luiz, and alumna, Diana Gallagher, about the dig in the North End that has revealed what might be Paul Reveres’ bathroom. “Privies are like shipwrecks,” said Beaudry, “in the sense that they’re time capsules.” “People would say to me, ‘is that […]

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Archaeology Summer Research Updates

Tel Shimron Excavation: The Tel Shimron Excavation seeks to understand the ancient world, including the world of the Bible, through rigorous archaeological investigation, in order to provide resources for the study of Levantine history and culture over the last five thousand years.  Kali Wade and Kathleen Forste. The Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project: The Stélida Naxos Archaeological […]

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