David Carballo, new evidence from both Teotihuacan and the Maya region in Science Magazine

“Maya travelers visiting Teotihuacan during the fourth century would have encountered a city like no other they had ever seen. Three enormous pyramids loomed over the main street, now known as the Avenue of the Dead, their shapes reflecting snow-capped volcanoes visible in the distance. An orderly grid of roads extended from the avenue, and the […]

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Professor Kathryn Bard quoted on USA Today article

Mummies, pottery discovery dating to Cleopatra reflects lives of middle-class Egyptians John Bacon, USA TODAY Published 6:35 a.m. ET Feb. 4, 2019 | Updated 5:20 p.m. ET Feb. 4, 2019 “Kathryn Bard, professor of archaeology and classical studies at Boston University, said the large number of mummies found in one context, unplundered, is a rarity.” […]

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Alumna, Veronica Joseph Keyes (GRS’16) in North Korea retrieving DPRK remains

2016 Archaeology PhD Veronica Joseph (now Veronica Keyes) has been employed at DPAA (Defense  POW/MIA Accounting Agency) in Honolulu for several years, work that she is enjoying very much. She is was one of the archaeologists/anthropologists on the delegation that recently went to North Korea to retrieve 55 sets of remains from DPRK, which will […]

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