At Boston University, we’re all about empowering our students, faculty, and staff to bring their innovative projects to life. But before you dive into BU Crowdfunding, it’s essential to know what types of projects are allowed and not allowed.

Let’s break it down for you:

Acceptable Projects: Fueling Your Creativity


Crowdfunding is an excellent way to garner support for your research endeavors. Whether you’re aiming to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos or diving deep into social sciences, your community is here to back your intellectual curiosity.

Costs Associated with Student Projects

Have a great idea for a student-led initiative? You can seek funding for materials, supplies, and other expenses that are directly related to your project’s success. From organizing community service events to art installations, your innovative ideas are within reach.

Travel Costs & Equipment

Planning to present your work at a conference or take part in a competition? Crowdfunding can help cover your travel expenses, enabling you to represent your club/organization on a broader stage. Additionally, if your project requires specialized equipment, crowdfunding can provide the boost you need.

Stipends for Undergraduate or Grad Assistants

Collaborative projects involving our talented undergraduate and graduate assistants deserve recognition and support. Crowdfunding can help fund stipends, enabling these hardworking students to contribute their skills and dedication to your initiatives.

Projects Not Accepted: Clarifying Boundaries

Faculty or Staff Salaries

While we greatly value our faculty and staff, crowdfunding for faculty or staff salaries is not within the scope of our crowdfunding platform.


We understand the significance of education, but unfortunately, crowdfunding cannot be used to cover tuition expenses. However, there are various other financial aid options available to assist you on your academic journey.

Building Campaigns

Dreaming of a new campus building or facility? While we applaud your ambition, building campaigns fall outside the scope of BU’s crowdfunding platform.

Others at Discretion of Crowdfunding Team

The BU Crowdfunding team is here to guide you through the crowdfunding process. Certain projects might not align with our guidelines, and their acceptance will be determined on a case-by-case basis by our knowledgeable team.

Personal Businesses or Pursuits

As much as we believe in entrepreneurship, personal business ventures and pursuits aren’t within the realm of projects that can be crowdfunded at BU. However, you can explore other resources available within BU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Remember, our aim is to nurture innovation, creativity, and collaboration within our community. Whether you’re a student with a groundbreaking idea or a faculty member with a vision for change, crowdfunding at BU is a vibrant channel to bring your projects to life. Let’s work together to make incredible things happen!

Review the full crowdfunding policy for a more in-depth view of the project approval process.