We’ve outlined the key elements you’ll need to submit a crowdfunding application.

1. Project Name: Set the Stage

Your project’s name is like the opening act of a BU production. It should be catchy, captivating, and reflective of your project’s essence. Whether it’s “BU Eco Warriors: Greening Our Campus” or “Terrier Tunes: Elevating Student Music,” a compelling name sets the tone for what’s to come.

2. A Brief Project Description: Paint Your Vision

In a world full of creative minds, your project’s description needs to shine like the iconic Citgo sign. Use this space to paint a vivid picture of your project’s purpose, impact, and uniqueness. Share your passion, connect with your audience, and make them believe in your cause.

3. Fundraising Goal: Realistic Expectations

Every great project needs a goal, and crowdfunding is no different. Determine the amount you need to bring your project to life successfully. It’s wise to set a funding goal within the $1,000 to $10,000 range. This range has proven successful for BU projects in the past, giving you a solid foundation to aim for. Keep those dreams lofty yet anchored in reality.

4. Images: Picture-Perfect Storytelling

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in crowdfunding, they can speak a million. Include vibrant images that capture the essence of your project. Whether it’s snapshots of your research, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or visuals that represent your cause, these images will draw supporters in and keep them engaged.

5. Plan to Market Your Project: Be Your Project’s Best Advocate

Your project’s success isn’t just about the content you put out – it’s also about how you spread the word. Developing a first draft on how you will market your project will help your team envision how they market it to your community. Social media, email newsletters, BU-related/non-related groups, and even events are fantastic ways to create buzz and rally support.

There you have it, Terriers! The essential ingredients for applying to lead a crowdfunding project. Ready to submit an application? Submit your project here.