Get to know your future classmates

Wondering what it's like to be a Terrier? Why not find out straight from the lens of current students, faculty, and alumni!

Meet Current Terriers

BU students have their hands in many pots. Whether it's sports or internships or work studies, there's no shortage of mind-blowing experiences that happen on (and off) campus. Let's hear from a few students about what BU has been able to do for them. Arianna, Smaran, Valeria, and Emmanuella all have a unique story to tell. Click on their photos to read more about their academic experience at BU.

How I charted my academic path

We spoke to students about their academic journey at BU, from tackling dual degrees to the rigors of research to the self-discovery ignited by faculty mentorships. We asked about their passions, challenges, and surprises, and how deep they dug to cultivate their intellectual growth. Read their interviews below or explore by question and see how each student addressed a specific topic.

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  • Brandy Moser

    Meet Brandy

    For senior Brandy Moser, it all started her freshman year when she hit “send” on an email to a BU graduate school professor she didn’t know.

  • Meet Stephanie

    For senior Stephanie Gonzalez, watching her great-grandmother suffer with Alzheimer’s disease set her down the road for a remedy. Neuroscience would be her vehicle.

  • Meet Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Lowe said he was used to getting As in high school, but that ease eluded him when he first arrived on campus.

  • Meet Victoria

    Victoria is the type of person who likes to have her feet in multiple worlds, whether it’s Venezuela and Boston, engineering and prose, or clinical research and philanthropy.

  • Surya Pulukuri

    Meet Surya

    Like a lot of pre-meds, when senior Surya Pulukuri first arrived on campus, he planned to focus on biology. But after a freshman orientation presentation about majors, he found his mind veering toward biochemistry and so he switched.

  • Dena Ciampa

    Meet Dena

    For Dena, her academic experience at BU might best be summed up as “unexpected.”

  • Meet Hailey

    Hailey Hart-Thompson is endlessly curious and likes to be involved in everything, so she created her own degree pathway comprising multiple majors, a study-abroad collaborative, and the production of several documentary films.

  • Jeff Sagurton

    Meet Jeff

    When he was applying to colleges, Jeff Sagurton worried his twin passions—music and entrepreneurship—were too unusual a pairing for any single school.