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We can help you help yourself with your career advancement

Whether you are looking for your first job in management, or seeking to make that big step up in your existing career, we provide resources to explore outstanding opportunities in your fields of interest.

Still deciding what you really want to do?  We’ll help you – especially if you are just entering the workforce – determine which particular fields and careers make the most sense for you – and where you can make the biggest impact.

Seeking advancement opportunities? We can help you with that big move you need to make within your current organization, outside the organization, even far outside your current industry.

In either case – want to know where the skill gaps are?  We can provide industry-specific analytics on the trends and current skill gaps are in your areas of interest by providing access to career insights and other databases. You can study labor market analytics where you can see millions of job postings thanks to our arrangement with BurningGlass. With our tools you can search by region, look at LinkedIn analytics, get just the level of detail you need.

We provide you with a uniquely large and influential alumni network. Take advantage of that network made up of those, like yourself, who have completed our programs.

Remember: there are mutual responsibilities here – in order to be successful in career advancement, you need to put forth the effort and use the resources we make available to you – at the BU Career Center, the MET College level, and at the individual Program level.

Bottom Line: we can help you prepare yourself  for success in the job market! Explore these resources in the drop down menu, here under Careers.


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