When you join an Administrative Sciences program at Boston University’s Metropolitan College (MET), you enter a community of educators, learners, and industry experts that is made up of respected faculty, seasoned practitioners, authors, and local civic leaders—an energetic, positive, and diverse group focused on advancing knowledge in the administrative sciences. Our learners come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and industries.

You can choose from dozens of graduate programs, certifications, corporate training and educational modules, and other specialized courses—all taught by leaders in the field and attended by peers who bring their own experience to the table. You will gain the advantage of learning from a great teaching team that excels at drawing out the best from students—and utilizing expertise from the surrounding industries in the Boston area. Our students regularly engage with guest speakers from the telecom, healthcare, medicine, material science, and food and beverage industries. To increase the synergy of learning in Administrative Sciences, we also have established social organizations, such as the BU Student Project Management Club, which sponsors events such as the “What Would You Do?” game show.