Minor in Urban Affairs

Students may earn a minor in Urban Affairs in conjunction with their major by successfully completing a coordinated set of approved courses. Twenty credits must be earned with a minimum grade of C. Two courses may be credited toward both a major and minor specialization. All minor concentrators develop their programs in consultation with and the approval of the program advisor.

Required Courses

(total 12 credits)

  • MET SO 201 Sociological Methods
  • MET UA 301 Introduction to Urban Affairs
  • MET UA 509 Public Finance and Urban Infrastructure

Elective Courses

(total 8 credits)

Choose two additional courses:

  • MET AH 364 Architecture and City Planning in Old Boston
  • MET AH 394 Urban Environment and Aesthetic Experience
  • MET EC 367 Economics of the Public Sector
  • MET HI 373 History of Boston
  • MET HI 535 Urban History
  • MET UA 508 Real Estate Development
  • MET UA 510 Selected Topics in Urban Affairs
  • MET UA 515 History, Theory, and Planning Practice