Minor in Hebrew

Students who minor in Hebrew become proficient in modern Hebrew and acquire a solid grasp of Israeli culture and Hebrew literature. The minor requires six courses in addition to the prerequisite of fourth-term Hebrew or equivalent proficiency in the language. Courses at the LH 200 level, such as Israeli Culture through Film, are taught in English. Courses at the LH 300 and LH 400 levels are taught in Hebrew on topics such as Voices in Israeli Society, Israeli Popular Music, Israeli Media, Food Culture, Hebrew Poetry, and Hebrew Narrative. Courses taught in Hebrew enable students to practice all four language skills (listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking).

Since many students have complementary interests in religion, Jewish studies, or the Middle East, up to two non-LH courses on related topics may be counted for the minor with approval from the Hebrew minor advisor. Students are advised to take XL 223 Introduction to Middle Eastern Literature and to draw on other Comparative Literature (XL) and Jewish Studies (JS) offerings.

Hub: Courses taken for the Hebrew minor will also ordinarily satisfy BU Hub requirements in Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Historical Interpretation; Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship; and Communication, along with requirements in the Intellectual Toolkit.

Students are encouraged to study abroad at the BU program in Haifa or another relevant program.

Students wishing to major in Hebrew should pursue a BA in Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages & Literatures (MESALL), Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Studies, or both.


Six 4-unit courses with a grade of C or higher:

  • CAS LH 250 Masterpieces of Modern Hebrew Literature (in English translation) or LH 283 Israeli Culture through Film (in English translation)
  • Five additional 4-unit courses numbered CAS LH 240 or higher
    • With approval from the Hebrew minor advisor, up to two non-LH courses may be counted among these five

Up to four courses taken at BU’s Study Abroad program in Haifa can count toward the Hebrew minor (as can up to three courses taken at non-BU abroad programs in Israel and preapproved by the Hebrew minor advisor and the external programs manager at BU Study Abroad).

Students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges or universities but must take a minimum of three courses on the Charles River Campus or at the BU program in Haifa. Internships taken through Boston University or other study abroad programs may not be credited toward the minor in Hebrew.

Placement Test

A placement test is required of all students whose most recent course in Hebrew was taken while in high school or at a college other than Boston University and who wish to continue their study of this language here. Information about the online placement test is available at the World Languages & Literatures Department website.