Placement Tests, Transfer Credit, AP

Placement examinations are required of any student whose most recent language course was not completed at Boston University. Placement exams DO NOT by themselves fulfill the language requirement.

Please contact Mary Beth Raycraft-Guzman at 617-353-2400 or for information about placement tests.

Transfer Credit

Students who have taken language courses at other colleges than Boston University should see the foreign language advisor, Mary Beth Raycraft, in the CAS Student Advising Office, 353-2400, before selecting a BU course. This is in addition to the need to take the a placement test (credit and placement are two different things). If you enroll in a course that’s equivalent to one you’ve already taken elsewhere, you’ll forfeit credit, so be sure to ask the language advisor first!

AP Equivalencies

Please speak with a faculty member in your language of interest if you have questions.


If you scored a 5 on the Chinese AP, you have credit for CAS LC 212. If you plan to take more advanced courses in Chinese, you’ll need to take a placement exam. If you got a 5 on the Chinese AP but your placement score indicates that you should be in LC 212 or below, talk with a faculty member in Chinese to discuss your options.


If you scored a 4 on the German AP, you have credit for CAS LG 212. If you scored a 5, you have credit equivalent to one course numbered LG 305-309. But if you plan to go on and take more German at BU (and why wouldn’t you, seeing how good you are at it?), you should still take the placement test. If the placement test tells you something different from your AP score, please contact a German faculty member right away to discuss the best course of action.


If you scored a 5 on the Japanese AP, you have credit for CAS LJ 212.  But if you plan to go on with your study of Japanese, as we hope you will, you must take the placement test as well.  If the placement test places you in LJ 212 or below despite your AP score of 5, it’s essential that you contact a Japanese faculty member for advice.

SAT II Results

A score of 560 or above on the SAT II in any language fulfills the CAS language requirement, but does not tell you your placement if you want to continue, nor does it grant academic credit. Students who have taken the SAT II and will be continuing in the language must also take the relevant BU placement test (see above). Learn more about the CAS language requirement here.