Minor in Latin American Studies

The minor in Latin American Studies (LAS) is available to students enrolled in any of BU’s four-year undergraduate schools and colleges. It provides students with a versatile vehicle for acquiring an understanding of the remarkably diverse Latin American region, defined as the 20 independent countries in the Western Hemisphere that are south of the United States, with Spanish, French, and Portuguese as their official languages. Interdisciplinary in nature and scope, the minor brings together a rich variety of courses that span fields including archaeology, economics, history, history of art & architecture, international relations, political science, romance studies, and sociology.


The minor consists of six courses drawn from the three context groups listed on the Center for Latin American Studies website and all completed with a grade of C or higher. Three courses taken for the minor must be at 300-level or higher, with at least one of those three at the 400-level or higher. The interdisciplinary, jointly taught course CAS IR 410 Latin America Today is optional, but encouraged for minors.

Consult departmental listings for complete course descriptions.

Unless otherwise indicated, all required courses are 4-credit hours.