BA in Economics & Mathematics/MA in Economics

The BA in Economics & Mathematics/MA in Economics dual degree allows academically outstanding undergraduate students to complete an MA in Economics from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the same time as the joint BA in Mathematics & Economics. Mathematics and statistics are key tools in many aspects of economics. The joint major in Mathematics & Economics aims to provide foundational skills in both subjects while focusing course selection on both subjects’ common goals. The major is appropriate for economics students with interest in the mathematical techniques and for mathematics students interested in applications in economics. The major provides credentials in both subjects, leaving room for elective credits for students with other interests.


This BA/MA program is identical to that of the BA/MA in Economics, except that the candidate must satisfy:


Please refer to the BA/MA and BA/MS Programs section of this Bulletin for admissions and other information. Students interested in applying to his particular BA/MA program are advised first to contact the Undergraduate Academic Administrator in the Economics Department.