BA/MA in Economics

The BA/MA program in economics allows academically outstanding undergraduate students to complete an MA degree from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the same time as the BA. 144 credits are the minimum for this program. It requires the MA Economics Core (four courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics) and four elective courses on the master’s level, replacing four undergraduate electives. Thus the dual BA/MA degree require 16 additional credits (see below), and at least one semester of additional time, beyond the BA degree.


Admission to the BA/MA program requires individual application for each student, and evaluation of each application by the Master’s Admissions Committee. Applicants must already be majors in Economics, and making good progress on satisfying the requirements listed below. The BA/MA program can be combined with undergraduate minors. For information on application requirements and deadlines, please see the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences’ BA/MA and BA/MS Program Application website.


All required courses are 4 credit hours.

Course Requirements for the BA Degree

  • CAS EC 101
  • CAS EC 102
  • CAS EC 201
  • CAS EC 202
  • CAS EC 203 or EC 303 or MA 214* (prereq: MA 213) or QST QM 221
  • CAS EC 204 or EC 304
  • Electives: five other courses selected from CAS EC 320 through EC 599, including EC 501 and 502, EC 507 and 508

Course Requirements for the MA Degree

Candidates must complete a minimum of eight semester courses (32 credits). The following courses in micro- and macroeconomic theory and quantitative methods are required:

  • CAS EC 501
  • CAS EC 502
  • CAS EC 507
  • CAS EC 508
  • In addition, candidates must complete four MA elective courses (16 credits) selected from CAS EC 509 through EC 599, or their approved equivalents. These can be used simultaneously to fulfill their BA elective requirement.

A determination is made whether it is appropriate to opt out of EC 505 by taking the mathematics placement exam. EC 505 will count as one of the MA electives.

MA Comprehensive Examination

Candidates must pass a written comprehensive examination that tests general knowledge of economic theory and quantitative methods.

MA Grade Requirements

To be eligible for the MA degree, students are expected to attain an overall grade point average of 3.00, and a grade point average of 2.85 or higher in the eight courses counted toward the MA degree.

For more detailed information on program requirements, see the department rules and regulations, available on request. General information on BA/MA programs is provided in the BA/MA and BA/MS Programs section of this Bulletin.