Students whose primary language is English will be placed into WR 100. Because WR 100 and WR 150 are a coherent sequence of courses, students will not be exempted from WR 100, except in the case of transfer credit.

Students who submitted TOEFL or other English-language proficiency  test scores as part of their applications for admission will be placed into WR 097, WR 098, or WR 100 based on their performance on a placement test developed by the Writing Program.

We recognize that there may be some students who did not submit TOEFL or equivalent test scores but whose primary language is not English. Any such student may attend the test at his or her orientation or request a placement assessment from the Writing Program by using the form below.

For answers to commonly asked questions about writing placement, please see the Placement FAQs.

Test Times and Locations

Incoming freshmen and transfer students will take the test on during their summer orientation sessions. ¬†It will also be administered during the registration period at the beginning of each semester. Students do not need to register for test sessions in advance. Please bring a pen or pencil to the test. If you are not sure if you are required to take the test, please check with your advisor or college’s advising office or with the Writing Program ( before the test session.

Request an Individual Session

Students who cannot attend a scheduled group session may request an individual test session using the form below. Anyone who intends to take a WR class in the upcoming semester should schedule a placement test as soon as possible at the start of that semester or earlier. The deadline to add WR classes is one week earlier than the deadline to add other classes. Students who are required to take the placement test must take the test before the WR add deadline if they wish to take a WR class that semester.

Placement Test Request

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