Visual Arts

Note: Course details for Summer 2019 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2018 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Fine Arts

Introduction to Drawing

CFA AR 133

For students with little or no experience in drawing. Introduction to basic problems of expressing volume, space, and light; emphasis on use of line, proportion, and tone. More experienced students may draw from portrait head and figure. 2 cr.


Drawing and the Figure

CFA AR 136

An introduction to the practice of representational drawing with the human figure. Focuses on establishing basic skills concerning the translation of three dimensional form onto the two dimensional page. Students investigate methods of identification, definition, and location of form in a comprehensive space utilizing a variety of materials and approaches. Students work from still life, the figure, interior and exterior spaces, and themselves. 4 cr.


Foundation Painting

CFA AR 141

A studio course that emphasizes two-dimensional composition and direct painting in oil. Exercises in representing still life, interior, and portrait introduce basic principles of drawing, composition, and color interaction. Exercises in color mixing, preparing supports, and caring for tools and equipment introduce technical and craft considerations. Individual and group critiques, presentations, and occasional assigned readings complement regular studio class meetings. 4 cr.


Introduction to Painting

CFA AR 143

For students with little or no experience in painting. Work in oil technique to study problems of design, form in space, and color. 2 cr.


Drawing 1

CFA AR 235

Prereq: (CFA AR 133) or equivalent. Drawing from portrait head and figure; emphasis on structure of the human form and the space in which it exists. Experimentation in various media. (Accommodations will be made for students with varying degrees of experience.) 2 cr.


Introduction to Printmaking

CFA AR 251

Survey of basic printmaking techniques with emphasis on relief processes and basic intaglio processes. Concepts of design, image development, color layering and experimentation, and markmaking are emphasized. Studio projects and lectures. 2 cr.


Typography 1

CFA AR 385

Focuses on concepts and applications of modern typography through introduction to the typographic organization of information and the basic structures of visual messages. Study of letter forms, type styles, typographic nomenclature, measurement, and spacing. Laptop required. 2 cr.


Graphic Design Elective

CFA AR 389

Covers the basic principles of design, composition, and form making. These topics are investigated holistically, beginning with their historical origination, contemporary application, and finally in the context of individual practice. Projects and class meetings are structured to help develop a design process and critique skills. The goal is to provide a rigorous understanding of the foundational principles and skills that serve as a strong base for all future design course work and practice. Working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is helpful; software will not be taught. Laptop required. Materials and printing costs are extra. 4 cr.


Photography 1

CFA AR 415

Designed to assist the student in mastering the techniques of black and white photography, including negative exposure, film development, and print production. Critical evaluation of photographs, relationship of photography to other visual media, and study of both historical and contemporary precedents. No previous experience is required, but access to a 35mm camera with manual exposure capability is necessary. Material costs are extra. 4 cr.


Advanced Drawing

CFA AR 431

Prereq: previous drawing experience. Emphasizes figure drawing; further develops drawing skills. Using various media, students work from the nude model, draped figure, and objects to develop a personal expression. 2 cr.


Ceramics 1

CFA AR 470

Introduction to methods and strategies for using ceramics as a sculptural material. The course initiates the students to the process, vocabulary, and techniques involved in all the steps of hand-building, glazing, and firing. Students explore traditional and experimental techniques: building with coils, slabs, imprints, forming on molds, extruding, surface development, glazing, and staining. There is also a demonstration of some basic throwing. The class includes experimentation with different surface treatments and introduction to glaze chemistry and uses. 4 cr.


Digital Photography

CFA AR 515

Prereq: (CFA AR 415) or equivalent. Acquaints students with the basics of RAW image capture using a digital camera, non-destructive image file management, input and output resolution management, establishment of a digital workflow, adjustment and editing in Adobe Photoshop, fundamentals of color correcting management, digital retouching, and high-end archival inkjet printing. Access to a digital SLR camera is necessary. Material costs are extra. 4 cr.


Business of Information Design

CFA AR 524

A hybrid lecture and studio course that explores presenting information visually. Students learn to process, organize, symbolize, and structure complex quantitative information. The coordinated business aspect of the course addresses how data visualization drives effective business decisions. Graphics are designed and evaluated from a visual and strategic point of view. 4 cr.


Design Ignites Change

CFA AR 530

A studio course that cultivates social entrepreneurship. Students study their ecosystem, define a need, and affect change through a designed engagement in their local environment. Students work collaboratively to research, develop, design, and execute a public awareness campaign that fosters a meaningful social experience. The objectives of this course are to develop social stewards, to launch an idea, to work collaboratively, to understand the role audience plays in designed experiences, to create a design campaign that spans multiple mediums in order to reach wide-ranging audiences, and to use design as a tool for education and action in the public sphere. Laptop required. 4 cr.


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