Pardee School of Global Studies

College of Arts & Sciences

Introduction to Comparative Politics

CAS IR 251

Examines different patterns of political development and contemporary politics in Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the former Soviet bloc. Introduces the comparative method in political science and competing theories of political development and political change. 4 cr.


Introduction to International Relations

CAS IR 271

Undergraduate required principal course. Study of basic factors in international relations, Western state systems, the concept of balance of power, nationalism, and imperialism. Primarily for majors and minors. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


History of International Relations, 1900-1945

CAS IR 349

The causes and consequences of the First World War; the search for postwar reconstruction and stability during the twenties; economic collapse, revolutionary nationalism, and fascism during the 1930s; the Second World War and the advent of the bipolar world. 4 cr.


History of International Relations since 1945

CAS IR 350

The causes and consequences of the Soviet-American Cold War from its origins in Europe to its extension to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The rise of the multipolar international system, the emergence of the nonaligned blocs, and inter- and intra-alliance conflicts. 4 cr.


International Human Rights

CAS IR 352

Studies the growing international influence on politics of human rights principles, documents, and organizations, drawing especially on African cases such as Congo, Zimbabwe, and Sudan. Topics include universality vs. cultural relativism, individual vs. group rights, and issues in human rights enforcement. 4 cr.


Islam in Middle East Politics

CAS IR 509

Analysis of Islam in the classical and popular forms; examination of the role of the Muslim religion in the international politics of the modern Middle East, especially Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Libya; their interrelationships and their attitudes toward the West. 4 cr.


The Middle East Today

CAS IR 511

A critical survey of the rise and development of modern nations, states, and economies in the Middle East and North Africa since 1900 that provides context and perspective essential for understanding contemporary issues (e.g., peace process, gender relations, religion's roles, democracy). 4 cr.


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