Note: Course details for Summer 2019 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2018 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Communication

Fundamentals of Journalism

COM JO 250

Prereq: (COM CO 201). Required of journalism majors. The goal is for students to acquire fundamental newsgathering and writing skills needed to thrive as journalists working in any medium. The course is based in the classroom, but students are expected to learn and adhere to professional newsroom standards. Focuses on essential practices and principles that apply to reporters, photographers, bloggers, producers, and editors across all media formats. Emphasizes news judgment, storytelling, and reporting skills as well as writing clearly and quickly. 4 cr.


Visual Journalism

COM JO 303

Required of journalism majors. An introductory course designed to provide students with a basic working knowledge of the media required for professional journalism, including photography, sound, video, and editing for production of multimedia packages. No previous experience in visual media is required. 4 cr.


Basic Photography for Non-Majors

COM JO 305

Students learn the fundamentals of digital photography, from the basics of image capture to processing finished photographs and introduction to their use in digital media. No previous experience in photography is required. 4 cr.


Beat Reporting

COM JO 310

Prereq: (COM JO 250). Required of all journalism majors. Students advance their reporting skills by learning to cover a city neighborhood or a community beat. Students branch out across the city and suburbs to cover courts, crime, education, local and state politics, and other essentials of community reporting. Students develop their own sources and story ideas with the goal of professional publication in the Boston University News Service or another news site. The purpose is to hone your reporting skills, develop sources, and build both competence and confidence. Students produce stories, photos, audio, and video for the Web. 4 cr.


Journalism Special Topics

COM JO 502

Topic for Summer 2018: Travel Writing: The Journalism of People and Place. Travel writing has a rich and lively tradition in journalism. It has been the source of some of the best nonfiction writing in recent decades. Among the widely divergent practitioners are Jon Krakauer, Bill Bryson, Robert Kaplan, Susan Orlean, Annie Dillard, and Tim Cahill. In the more distant past, the genre has cultivated many great writers: Graham Greene, Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, and Mark Twain. This course is designed for writers (undergraduate and graduate students, amateurs, and professionals) who travel and want to improve their writing skills and develop a fuller appreciation of the places they visit. Students interested in writing about food are encouraged to use local, regional or national cuisines as a frame for travel writing. The goal is to produce works of professional quality for newspapers, magazines, or possibly book-length works. It requires in-class and out-of-class writing assignments. The course mixes brief lectures with a seminar environment in which students read and discuss the work they produce for class. Note: The class also meets from time to time in a nearby ethnic restaurant in the evening as student schedules allow. 4 cr.


Media Law and Ethics

COM JO 525

Required of all journalism majors. Recommended to be taken after COM JO357. An examination of the many ethical issues and dilemmas that face reporters, photographers, editors, and producers and how to resolve them with professional integrity. Legal topics include First Amendment, libel, protection of sources, copyright and intellectual property. 4 cr.


Journalism Internship

COM JO 737

Student develops a portfolio of professional work while working in the field. The student works 120-200 hours per semester or summer at the internship. Comprehensive paper, employer evaluation, and portfolio required upon completion of internship. Credits: var. Variable cr.


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