Current Exhibitions

In Mission to Boston and the World: Celebrating 150 Years of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society
On Display in STH Library, through Spring 2019

This online exhibition is paired with an in-library exhibition during the Spring 2019 semester, with special lecture by Dr. Dana Robert titled “The First Women of Theology: Installation of Historic Windows for the 150th Anniversary of United Methodist Women” on 21 March 2019. This exhibition intends to highlight the honored in the windows installed in the School of Theology Library, originally installed in the Tremont Street Methodist Episcopal Church. We celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society (predecessor of the United Methodist Women), an organization which supported the work of women in foreign lands founded during a stormy night on 23 March 1869.

Moments in Time
On Display in STH Community Center, through Spring 2019

“Moments in Time” is a collection of 23 of Nathan Bourque’s recent acrylic paintings. The show represents the intersection of time and space or the third level. As a mathematician, Nathan Bourque employs a type of repetitive code in many of his paintings. He is also enthralled with special volumes in many forms. Without making this equation more complicated than it needs to be, each painting is a moment in time for this artist and an expression of the intersection of both time and space in his mind. Nathan Bourque’s paintings are strikingly original and demonstrate an art with a unique honesty.
The School of Theology community hosted a reception with artist Nathan Bourque on February 19th at 5:30pm.